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Pearls of Wisdom CD cover

Pearls of Wisdom for Telemarketing Success


Product Description

the little known secrets to make your telemarketing campaign work

This CD reveals:

  • What you need to get started
  • How to find good telemarketers
  • How much to pay them
  • Where to find leads to call
  • How to set targets and measure results
  • The need for a script and the reasons why
  • The importance of attitude and tone
  • How to get through the gatekeeper
  • How to create an “interest- grabbing” statement
  • The questions to ask to build rapport
  • What to say to convert the follow up call
  • How to increase the $ value of the sale


“I am so glad I bought your CD, I have listened to it 5 times so far and each time I play it, I learn something new”
Sam Burbury, Projectorama Sydney