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Cold Call Openings That Grab Interest

If you have been reading my tips for a while, you will know the importance of having an interest grabbing opening on a cold call –  i.e; one sentence that will make the customer want to hear more from you. So it’s not:-

“This is Sally Smith from XYZ Computer Services.  I would like to tell you what our company does.” or “I’m Simon from XYZ IT. We do computer hardware and software and I wondered if you would like some information on this?”

It must be a sentence with a major benefit to the customer, i.e. the results the prospect might gain from using your services.  For example, this opening would have more interest:-

“This is Sally Smith from XYZ Computer Services.  We can offer you a service which guarantees your computers will never be out of action for more than 24 hours if they go wrong.” (The aim is to create curiosity.)

More Ways to Open The Call 

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