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A Christmas Gift for my Telesales blog readers

Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and New Year

I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very happy and safe holiday season and give you 2 gifts.  You can download the Telemarketing Tips App for FREE for the next 4 weeks and have on the go inspiration from me on your mobile phone.  Click Here  Then click on “View in Itunes” , login yourself and then click “Free”. Alternatively search on “Telemarketing Tips” in the App Store from your iphone and click on Download for free.

I also want to give you access to a webinar I did for Steven Essa’s clients on how to use the phone more effectively in business to win more sales. It is very content rich so you should get heaps out of it. DOWNLOAD HERE

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Great Customer Service Sells

On my recent holiday to Chile and Argentina I will never forget the incredible service we received from everyone at theIMG_1306_1_1 (1) Hotel in Portillo ski resort. On day 5 out of our 7 day stay, my husband got really sick. The hotel doctor assumed he had altitude sickness and gave him an injection to appease the raging headache and a pill for altitude sickness.  At 10.30 that night the hotel manager and the doctor came to see us in the dining room to ensure my husband’s headache had gone.  It had not gone, so they insisted we pack our bags immediately and get down to Santiago emergency hospital. They helped us pack in a hurry, organised a taxi free of charge to take us the 2.5 hour trip to Santiago, arranged the hospital and here was the shock – they gave us a refund for 2 nights accommodation and food in US$ cash.  I was amazed. I thought I would have to get that back from insurance.

It was the right decision to leave as the hospital discovered my husband was dangerously low on salt and put him on a drip for 2 days after which he was fine and we could resume our trip. This hotel really put our needs before their own gain. That kind of service never gets forgotten and people like me tell the world about it.


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How To Open A Telemarketing Call

When you do telemarketing or prospecting (whichever you personally classify yourself as doing, it is the same thing), I am constantly reminded of the importance of opening a telemarketing call with a good “interest-grabbing statement” to make people want to hear more.

This is so important to leave on a voicemail message too. If you don’t take the time to develop your interest grabber, you’ll probably sound like every other salesperson.

An interest-grabbing statement contains one unique or distinguishing benefit that leaves a lasting impression on your prospect. It differentiates you from your competition.

I was training 26 telemarketers on the Gold Coast who worked for a debt collection company.  We came up with a great introduction for them.  They used to say “Hi this is ____ from Marshall Freeman. We are a debt collection company.”

Well, so what! That was all about them.  The person you are talking to wants to know what the benefit is for them so we changed their opener to “Hi, this is ______ from Marshall Freeman Collections.  We help you turn your debts into cash.” (Then it’s time to stop talking, start listening and launch into open-ended questions to find a need).

It was this same company that said they did not ever leave a voicemail message when prospecting for new business. 

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The 3 Pronged Sales Strategy

Here is the 3 pronged sales strategy -When you call a prospect and they immediately say they do not want what you are offering, have another couple of products or services up your sleeve that you can offer as an alternative.

This achieves two things:, It lets customers know what else you do (often they do not know) and it offers them an alternative way to do business with you.

Example 1 

You sell public seminars and if that is of  no interest, then you can offer inhouse training and training products like cds and dvds.

Example 2

You sell trucks and if they do not want trucks, you can offer leasing and repairs.

Example 3

You sell websites but they are not interested, so you offer website reviews and search engine optimisation.

Focus on selling your main product or service first and if they say they are are not interested, say “That’s okay, you may prefer to look at our …………….. .”  Remember sales is about getting into a conversation.  When you have more to talk about than one product or service that could assist the customer, you have more chance of continuing the conversation and building the rapport.

If you are saying this won’t work for you because you really only have one product, then brainstorm with your management what else you could create to offer as an alternative to the first product. This sales strategy really works well

You can find 200 more tips in my book Don’t Get Hung Up! athttp:// or


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Refocus On Your Customer Service in 2011 And Win More Sales

Is it Time To Refocus On Your Customer Service To Win More Sales?

I am pleased to see some companies realising that people like to deal with real people rather than automated voicemail messages. Westpac and NRMA are advertising that they have returned to having live people to answer their phones rather than the recorded message like “Press 1 for this and 2 for that etc.”

The worst telephone customer service experience ever is provided by Vodafone as far as I am concerned. When you ring them, they have the audacity to say that you will be answered by a live person called Lara. When you ring the Vodafone customer service number, you are indeed answered by Lara – and Lara is an automated voice . She gives you multiple choices of topics to choose (this goes on an on) and it could take 4 or 5 minutes to get through to the department you want. Then you get a recorded message telling you the wait time to be answered will be approximately 30 minutes. Unbelievable! I have had to do this several times because they keep cutting off my remote internet service, and I am fed up having to spend hours on the phone each time to get the problem sorted. . I tried to end my contract with them as I simply did not want to deal with them anymore.Their billing department informed me that I would still have to pay for the remaining 6 months or I would be taken to court for breaking the contract. Call this telephone number 1300 650 145 to hear how real this is and please make sure you never have this sort of customer service in your company. No wonder Vodafone has a class action against them. Incidentally I have tried emailing my complaint, to which I get a reply that they will reply in 5 days Then I got a reply with a number of frequently asked questions which did not answer my issue at all. Again, unbelievable! I had to start the complaint process all over again. Clearly Vodafone are avoiding speaking to customers and losing them in droves.

If you do have a large volume of calls, at least have a voicemail messaging system offering to call the customer back within an hour.

For 12 tips on how to improve your customer service

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