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Great Customer Service Sells

On my recent holiday to Chile and Argentina I will never forget the incredible service we received from everyone at theIMG_1306_1_1 (1) Hotel in Portillo ski resort. On day 5 out of our 7 day stay, my husband got really sick. The hotel doctor assumed he had altitude sickness and gave him an injection to appease the raging headache and a pill for altitude sickness.  At 10.30 that night the hotel manager and the doctor came to see us in the dining room to ensure my husband’s headache had gone.  It had not gone, so they insisted we pack our bags immediately and get down to Santiago emergency hospital. They helped us pack in a hurry, organised a taxi free of charge to take us the 2.5 hour trip to Santiago, arranged the hospital and here was the shock – they gave us a refund for 2 nights accommodation and food in US$ cash.  I was amazed. I thought I would have to get that back from insurance.

It was the right decision to leave as the hospital discovered my husband was dangerously low on salt and put him on a drip for 2 days after which he was fine and we could resume our trip. This hotel really put our needs before their own gain. That kind of service never gets forgotten and people like me tell the world about it.


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How To Sell In December

December is your chance to become even more active on the phone.

Here are 3 Actions you can take:-

A)  Call your best clients to say “Thank You” personally, give them your best tip for next year and wish them a happy Christmas.


B)   Ask them how you can help them next year giving at least 3 suggestions.


C)  Call all the people to whom you have sent quotes in the past year.  I will be doing that myself and can guarantee from experience that you will convert 20% of them into sales when done professionally.


If you cannot reach them, here is what you do:-

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The 3 Pronged Sales Strategy

Here is the 3 pronged sales strategy -When you call a prospect and they immediately say they do not want what you are offering, have another couple of products or services up your sleeve that you can offer as an alternative.

This achieves two things:, It lets customers know what else you do (often they do not know) and it offers them an alternative way to do business with you.

Example 1 

You sell public seminars and if that is of  no interest, then you can offer inhouse training and training products like cds and dvds.

Example 2

You sell trucks and if they do not want trucks, you can offer leasing and repairs.

Example 3

You sell websites but they are not interested, so you offer website reviews and search engine optimisation.

Focus on selling your main product or service first and if they say they are are not interested, say “That’s okay, you may prefer to look at our …………….. .”  Remember sales is about getting into a conversation.  When you have more to talk about than one product or service that could assist the customer, you have more chance of continuing the conversation and building the rapport.

If you are saying this won’t work for you because you really only have one product, then brainstorm with your management what else you could create to offer as an alternative to the first product. This sales strategy really works well

You can find 200 more tips in my book Don’t Get Hung Up! athttp:// or


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Customer Service Tip- How Special Do You Make Your Customers Feel?

Wow, what a way to make a customer feel special. I have just been on my DREAM ski holiday to Heavenly Valley, Lake Tahoe, USA, where I truly experienced “heaven” – powder snow, sunshine and gorgeous views.

Maybe part of the success of the holiday was due to the fact that every time I walked into the hotel, Aston Lakeland Village Inn,  a gentleman called Scott raced out with flair from behind reception to grab my skis off me, put them away and then he offered to help me take off those heavy ski boots. Wow, now that was service!  Not only that, every time I went in and out past reception, he had something to chat about and engage me.  When I think about it, he really made me feel at home in this accommodation.  Nothing was too much trouble. What he did was not his brief.  He just did it for love of his job. His reception would be the reason I would go back to that hotel again and again. He made me feel valued, he made me feel special and I will never forget that.




United Airlines, however, did everything but make me feel special.

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Better Words To Use In The Sales Conversation

I am constantly on the look-out for little things that can get you a better response from your customer when selling and was reminded of a couple of things at my in-house trainings recently.

1. Change “Why” questions to “How” questions whenever you can

Sometimes “why” makes prospects feel defensive and it can sound interrogating or demanding when you don’t have the right tone in your voice. You can also increase the amount of information you get from your customer if you begin your questions with “how”. “How” sounds less challenging too.

For example:

Salesperson: “Why did you buy from Pilkingtons?”

Could be changed to:

Salesperson: “How did you make a decision to purchase from Pilkingtons?”

Salesperson: “Why aren’t you interested?”

Could be changed to:

Salesperson: “How specifically could we make this of more interest to you?”

2. Avoid using the word “BUT” to counter an objection

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