People often ask me “What has made you so successful in business?”

I tell them my business was certainly not an overnight success. It has taken years of

  1. Focusing on one topic – Telesales – and not getting distracted by other topics
  2. Persistence when the going gets tough. I mean it would have been easy for me to give up after the GFC or when the Do Not Call register was introduced but I didn’t do that.
  3. Constantly learning and looking for new material on my topic. I devour every book, article and attend as many sales seminars as I can. After 25 years in my own business,I know a lot but if I only get one new idea from each seminar and implement it, it’s a bonus.

JENNY CARTWRIGHT - Motivating your Mind - Inspiring your Spirit for 2016

I do love to share my knowledge too. Now I invite you to do the same by downloading your Free eBook from my blog – “Motivating Your Mind, Inspiring Your Spirit 2016”. This book is stacked with over 100 “How To” tips from Global thought leaders and colleagues of mine who all have to sell in their roles.

My chapter is on page 20 and for more telephone sales and motivation check out these chapters first:

  • The only Boundaries are in your Mind – Page 4
  • How To Boost Sales – Page 5
  • Could just ONE question change the World? – Page 7
  • How can you motivate someone? – Page 17
  • Believe Me – Page 23
  • Are your Beliefs Holding your Back? – Page 40


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