“Oh Gosh”, I hear you cry, “it’s the end of the financial year again. What am I going to need to do to improve sales performance in the next financial year?” You could start by asking yourself 2 profound questions like:-

“Which of my behaviours must I change to become a better salesperson?”

“Which of our company’s sales strategies need to change to get more business?”

Well, if you don’t know the answer to either of those you could get me to come in and review your current strategies online and offline to come up with a plan for you. Have a free 15 minute chat with me on 02 9427 3479 this week. Afternoons are best to reach me this week.

12 Ways to Improve Sales Performance

Give yourself a mark out of 10  for each of these statements:

  1. I have a measured daily/weekly/monthly/sales routine.
  2. I find at least …….. new prospects every day/ week
  3. I make at least  …….calls to prospects every day/week.
  4. I do not let call reluctance stop me from making phone calls.
  5. I make sure I follow up every bit of information I email or post and every quote within 3 days of sending. I keep calling until I reach them so that I don’t lose the chance of a sale.
  6. I don’t send someone an email before I have spoken to them first. I will have left 2 voice-mail messages before giving in to sending an email.
  7. When prospecting on LinkedIn, I invite prospects to have a phone appointment with me first so that they know how I can help them. I explain the benefit of working with me rather than telling them what I do.
  8. My LinkedIn profile is refreshed regularly and talks about how I, my product, or service can help the customer rather than all about me, me, me, me.
  9. My Facebook page and posts do not sabotage me if a prospect or customer looks at them.
  10. I eat healthily and plan some exercise into my day every day so that I  keep my energy up.
  11. I learn a new sales tip every day by subscribing to other sales trainers’ newsletters like this one.
  12. I educate myself by attending a sales seminar quarterly for my own personal development.


It would be great to hear your stories about what you realised you were not doing after rating yourself.  I went to a sales presentation by Sam Ades which inspired me to write this particular newsletter. Sam is an expert at cold calling face to face and has some wonderful tips.  If you would like him to speak at one of your sales meetings in Sydney, you can reach him on 0413 235 757, or on his website Sam Ades.

Best Sales Tip

For me one of his best tips was this:- When you think of not calling on a prospect because you think he might not be relevant, ask yourself  the question “How do I know he is not relevant?” You never know whom he might know that is relevant even if it is not himself. Often the conversation we have going on in our own head stops us from being more successful.

I encourage you to think about what you could do better next financial year so that you can  improve sales performance.

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