As you can imagine I receive a fair number of telemarketing calls myself and if I am in the middle of focusing on something hard, I am not always receptive when I get interrupted to be sold to out of the blue. The other day a telemarketer was trying to sell me on the idea of using their accountancy practice and quite frankly, if I had not been so absorbed in what I was doing, I might have been interested. I just quickly said, “Not interested , thanks, good-bye” and gave him the brush off. Now I thought that would be the end of it but the telemarketer had another go. He obviously knew what I teach and that is that “no,” means “no, not now” and “not forever”. He also knew that sometimes when you ring someone, they are in a completely unreceptive mood and the next time you ring them they are perfectly charming. It just depends on what is going on for the customer at the time you call.

Well, here’s the thing. I believe it is becoming more and more important to mix your telemarketing lead generation strategies with a bit of email, sms or mail.
Here is how the telemarketer got his appointment with me in the end which I thought was really clever. Here is a letter I received 3 days after the call.

“Dear Ms Cartwright

Sorry that I called you at a busy time on Tuesday. I do apologise. I was hoping to set up a short meeting for you with our CEO at your place so it won’t take more than 15 minutes of your time.

I understand that you already have an accountant you are happy with but don’t you think it might be useful to see what someone else’s accountancy practice can offer even if it only confirms you have the right service offering with your existing service provider?

Accountancy practices are usually compared on quality, service and price. Of these, the quality and competitive price are essential. Many customers endure poor service just to get quality and price. I wonder if you would be open to meeting a company who deliver all three all of the time?

We also recognise that some of our clients could be yours so we do our best to refer people to you when appropriate and we offer our clients a chance to get together at functions we put on during the year.

There must be a good reason why we have clients who have been with us for more than 20 years. Could you meet Brad at any time to suit you on Wednesday or Thursday morning next week please?

Simply give me a quick call or sms on ________ to confirm the time or send me an email _______.

Thank you, I know you’ll be very happy you did.”

Well, you could use this letter for many different industries, so give it a go and see what happens. You are practising that quality of persistence which is so important when prospecting and telemarketing . Writing a letter after the brush off call is a different way to do things and nowadays we need to do things differently. Sometimes we only have price, quality and service to sell but see if you can can find something different that your company can offer like the paragraph in red. It was that paragraph that pressed my hot button and got me to say “yes” to the appointment.

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