To be successful in sales, one of the most important things to be sure of is that you never allow negative thoughts of failure to even enter your head.
I’ll give you an example of how allowing a negative thought into the mind lost a sale for someone last week. My husband and I have shares in a winery in South Australia and a salesperson rang me to see if we would like to buy some of our own wine for Christmas. I told the guy that I am sure we would be interested but that the best person to speak to would be my husband as he likes to decide which wines we buy. I told him when my husband would be available and sure enough, the guy rang back at the time specifiied. I answered the phone and I said I would transfer the call to my husband. Excited and ready to buy, my husband went to pick up the phone and unfortunately I put the phone down too soon before he actually connected with the guy. He was cut off. Now we both expected the guy to call back and he didn’t. He must have assumed my husband was not interested in buying and had hung up on him. My husband tried to do “call recall” to get the number to call back but it was a number you could not call back. Wow, what a waste of a big sale that that guy could have made. He let a negative thought get the better of him. He thought we had just hung up on him.
Next day another wine society called with a great offer. My husband bought it.

What To Do When You Get A Negative Thought

Whenever you get a negative thought about calling someone, quickly write it down and change it to a more positive thought. e.g.
You think “I can’t call him again, he has said ‘no’ twice now”

You change to think positively “I must call him again to give him a chance to buy.That way he will know I really care that he does not miss out on this great opportunity.”
You think “Last time he said he could not afford it”

You change to think positively “By now his circumstances might have changed and he might be able to afford it”
You think “Oh, there’s no point calling just before Christmas. He will be too busy”

You change to think positively “I must call him before Christmas . He would expect a sales rep who looks after him to at least wish him Happy Christmas.”
Even if someone does reject your offer on the phone and hangs up on you, try them again the next day . Start your conversation with “Good morning Mr ___, it’s _____ from _____. I am sorry we got cut off yesterday, I did not have time to tell you that (what you can do for them -i.e. the benefit) . The person might be in a better mood and want to listen. You never know.

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