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What people are saying about Jenny’s In-House Training Courses

We were recommended your telesales course by a business associate and decided to get you in to give us two days of intense training. A great decision! This was a hands on, company specific course, that showed us how to achieve quick results on the phone. We were given a collection of carefully worded scripts that were drafted specifically for our customer base and sales team’s needs. Furthermore, we did some one-on-one live training that put our new found skills to the test. As we become more focussed on internal sales driving the whole team, this telesales training has become a vital ingredient in winning customers. I would strongly recommend this course to any business that wants to get ahead fast in today’s competitive age.
Ted Fowler, Business Development Manager, Westlab
Since the training, the sales team are doing extremely well breaking their all time record plus Sherree breaking the Fitlink individual sales record.

As of today, Joshua has hit $102,000 and Sherree $160,000. Our Finance Director is now extremely excited as we are hoping to break the Fitlink record for the month – I will keep you posted. The team have taken onboard a lot of the training tips, especially Joshua who at the start was getting frustrated as he was not getting the sales but I assured him they would come in – just keep going (as you pointed out) and hence his personal best with still more to come.

I have recommended you to our NZ Manager.

Gina Shaw, Sales Manager Fitlink Brisbane
“I have been following Jenny’s blog for over 12 months now and finally decided to bite the bullet and attend her seminar in August 2013. After the first hour, I realised how important it would be to have her run a workshop in my office for my staff. We had her train our team of 10 for two days and have seen the team implementing her ideas and changes to their sales approach. I would recommend to anyone looking for some sales training!”
Tom Caesar, Director, Positive Lending Solutions, Adelaide
“It was a pleasure to have Jenny come to Toowoomba in August 2013 and train our sales staff. we have been implementing all of the techniques she advised, and as a result their sales have been on a steady incline.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Jenny’s services to any sales situation, with the main focus being on outbound sales.

Once again thank you, and we look forward to your regular sales tips emails.”

Gai Carroll , Managing Director, Australian Events Pty Ltd
“I first contracted Jenny Cartwright to train our sales team in telephone sales skills in August 2012. In the last 3 months we have tripled the number of appointments we have made. The course was of particular value to us for acquiring a structure for our call scripts, the process for handling objections and discovering a powerful way to introduce ourselves on the phone. We then contracted Jenny to train our team in face to face selling skills in November 2012. This was also great value for the new content we learnt around questioning, building rapport with different styles of customers, goal setting with values and measuring success and selling against our competitors. Thanks Jenny, can’t wait to try the new skills out. It was great”
Josh Rubens, Managing Director, Cloud Solutions
“The timing of the training with you was spot on. Key points in the last week as follows:-
The business set a record last Thursday for sales; Increased number of appointments are being closed with qualifications; Increased number of calls; All clients with outstanding responses due for the last 3 months identified and calls to be made by Friday; We are writing down brief scripts utilising the process prior to calls especially the ones we want to close; Objections being dealt with promptly as per training.”
Cameron Anderson, MD Silverhall Property Research
“Jenny Cartwright’s training for our mentors on how to get more appointments was very appropriate to the group and hands on. Attendees described it as very informative and easy to follow, a course designed to inspire, eye opening, well presented.”
Katherine Smith, Institute of Chartered Accountants
“We have had 5 weekly training sessions from Jenny Cartwright and have increased the number of appointments by 40% in our first month.”
Hennie Stolz , Australian Institute of Personal Trainers
“Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

We contracted Jenny to train our inside sales team. The due diligence she carried out before the training was what set her apart. She came in prior to the training and sat with each of the team to assess there ability. After the training she meet with the BU manager to provide a comprehensive overview on each team member’s capabilities. I highly recommend Jenny.””

Glynn Stokes, Manager at Trend Micro
“On behalf of the team, we would like to highly recommend your services. Your program was clear,concise and relevant in today’s competitive market. Even the most experienced senior telemarketers in our team came out of the day feeling more confident about what they had been doing as well as learning a few new tricks along the way.”
Ruby Lockley, New Business Centre Manager Macquarie Corporate Telecommunications
“There is a noticeable improvement in the structure in which the sales staff are approaching their customers on the phone, increasing staff confidence and customer satisfaction. We would recommend Jenny Cartwright to any company who wishes to utilize training and make a difference in the sales area.”
Edward Henebery, Managing Director Acorn Australia
Story found in Powerlift Nissan Magazine Oct 08

“We have a had a few months now of considerable success from our telemarketing team, Annette McVeigh and Sandra Webb in Sydney.

In June ’07, we decided to contract a telemarketing specialist consultant to advise us on what world class telemarketing should look like.

Jenny Cartwright was approached by the company to help us redesign our telemarketing process, and with the help and cooperation of both Annette and Sandra we have seen our service sales leads grow significantly over the last two months.

At the time of writing mid August we already have signed 13 new customers and 20 trucks to PMP Service Contracts in Sydney, so far this month, as a direct result of leads from Annette and Sandra.
Annette and Sandra have attended Jenny’s successful Sydney sales training course, designed and implemented an agreed telemarketing script and generally lifted the professionalism of our dealings with potential customers.

Kevin Gaffney , National Operations Manager- Powerlift Nissan
“This is a short note to thank you so much for your professionalism and the extraordinary difference your are already making to our team. The feedback we got is just outstanding and I am very grateful you took the time to squeeze us in as you have. I totally agree with your concept of the follow up and support. I know you offered this to me before and after seeing the results of the training, I think it is even more important.”
Roy Mcdonald, Managing Director One Life Seminars
“I initially thought a one day program would be more than adequate but it was obvious later in the afternoon, that everyone would have happily attended a second day.”
Robert O’Hara, National Sales Manager MHS Concord
“I would like to thank you and express my appreciation for your professional approach to assessing and providing sales training to our customer service and sales staff. Your approach was refreshing and you managed to touch on each individual employee’s needs and also their strengths. The feedback from my staff was extremely positive.”
Desiree Heath, Managing Director ID Warehouse
“The increased drive and motivation of my team after the seminar was fantastic, and for this reason I intend to conduct training on a more regular basis. Thanks again.”
Samantha Davidson, Team Leader Market Source
“Thank you, Jenny, for helping our staff to raise their standards”
Ray Awadallah, Managing Director Blue Haven Pools and Spas
“Thank you so much for the recent telemarketing training for our staff. Telemarketing now forms an integral part of our marketing push in the Kiama market and the techniques and procedures that you taught us provide an excellent base for our salespeople to develop and use.”
Murray Bergmeier, Licensee Kiama Real Estate
“We had Jenny run a customised training day with all our staff which resulted in a 5% increase in sales conversion the very next month. The staff’s ability to handle objections and sound more engaging on the phone has vastly improved. We highly recommend Jenny’s services.”
Craig Hannam, Director, Water Filters Australia
“The customised one day training workshop you designed and conducted for our telesales team proved to be invaluable. It enabled them to get sales right from the start. Thank you Jenny.”
Adam Parkinson, National Sales Manager RTS Imageing
“Your training was a great investment. Sales have jumped in the last month. Thank you so much.”
David Warne, MD, Crowne Catering
“On behalf of the change management team and the course participants, I would like to thank you for providing the 2 day Training – Competitive Selling. I believe the training has given the sales team some new innovative tools and concepts to be more proactive.”
Brian Sam Head Of Change Telikom Png Ltd.
“Your training enabled us to get good results right from the start of our campaign. The telemarketing promotion was a great success and the staff averaged a 56% response rate overall.”
Tony Drew, Director New Life Promotions
“Since the customer service training, one of our team commented that he thought team morale had improved at least 40 – 50%. Our results for last month are also very pleasing .”
Archie Campbell, National Sales Manager MSA (Aust) Pty Ltd
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