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Jenny Cartwright  is a sales speaker  at  Conferences around the world. Her sessions are described as “inspiring”, “motivational”,” educational” and “interactive”. She has made the art of public speaking a passion and an interest for the last 25 years. She  attained “Professional Member” speaking accreditation at National Speakers of Australia (NSAA) in 2007 and  CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), the highest speaking accreditation from Professional Speakers Australia in 2017.

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An interactive, motivational and educational session in which Jenny will look at how you might be sabotaging your sales success without knowing it and share with you her tips for doubling your sales in 30 days.

You will learn:

  • 5 ways you could be making more sales
  • The Inside Secrets to Building Rapport
  • The 4 ingredients of a great sales presentation
  • A 7 step process to make a professional telephone sales call
  • The magic formula for handling resistance
This is essential knowledge for everyone in sales, sales management, customer service, coaches, consultants, speakers, entrepreneurs. It is guaranteed to increase sales results.

inspirational / life-changing / audience activity / educational / informative / humorous / funny


This educational and motivational session will teach how to use the phone effectively in the sales process for prospecting, selling, and following-up. Watch sales increase and call reluctance be abandoned forever using this process.

What you will learn:

  • 7 Steps to professional telephone sales and prospecting calls
  • How to Get through the gatekeeper
  • 5 Ways to improve tonality on the phone
  • How to make an appointment
  • The importance of attitude
  • Building rapport and listening skills
  • How to create an inspiring sales presentation
  • How to handle objections
  • Follow-up techniques.
  • Why call reluctance occurs and how to control it.
This is suitable for everyone in sales, management, business, customer service, in fact, everyone who uses the phone in business.

educational / informative / audience activity / inspirational / life-changing


Jenny tells an inspirational and engaging story of her entrepreneur’s journey for 25 years. The ups, the downs and the qualities she found you need to have to survive as a salesperson and business owner.

Her message is about :

  • Focus
  • Persistence
  • Resilience and Never Giving up.
This story will inspire business owners, consultants, solo entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches.

inspirational / life-changing / audience activity / educational / informative


This session will challenge salespeople to question their own fitness for sales. What are the qualities a great salesperson needs to cultivate to become a top achiever? What are their daily habits and how is their sales etiquette? This talk can be life-changing for many. Participants will do a self-assessment during the session and make decisions on what habits they will change after the session to become a peak performer.

What you will learn:

  • The essential personal Qualities
  • Daily Habits
  • Sales Etiquette
This session is suitable for everyone in sales, management, and leadership.

inspirational / life-changing / educational / informative /audience activity


$5,000 to $7,000

Jenny in action
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Jenny speaking at an event with Sir Richard Branson

Jenny spoke at a Financial Education summit with Sir Richard Branson Oct 2011

Jenny spoke at the Institute of Managements Conference in Melbourne  with Alan Weiss “The Million Dollar Consultant” . The theme of this conference was “Maximising Your Practice”.

“Outstanding presenter at Professional Services Sales and Marketing Conference Sydney 2018 Really liked Jenny’s very interactive presentation., how she got the audience”s mood up right from the start and how she had great use of humor with lots of useful information.This was a positive, energetic and really practical presentation wtih great information on the importance of following up.”
Adrienne Mclean, Professional Services Sales and Marketing Conference Organiser
“Jenny is extremely passionate about teaching others to improve their sales techniques. Her depth of knowledge and expertise is undeniable. She motivates participants to improve their skill level, with simplicity and effectiveness. I highly recommend her services for speaking or training.”
Carol O'Halloran, Sales Manager, Roma Foods
“Jenny’s keynote presentation at the 2010 Sales Super Conference I attended in Melbourne was both engaging and very informative. Her years of experience and knowledge was used to clearly demonstrate a number of approaches to increase your revenue by using the telephone. I’d strongly recommend Jenny as a sales speaker”
Zack Harvey, General Manager, VEA Group
“ I really enjoyed your talk at the East Coast Business Women’s network. Many thanks, you were such an inspiring, relaxed presenter.”
Janet France Blue Lizard Office Massage
“ Upon investigating our ranking system we have found you to be one of our Panther SWAP club’s “Top Ten Speakers”. Thank you again.”
David Barnes Panther SWAP
“ On behalf of the NSW Chapter of the Australian Telemarketing Association, thank you for speaking at our April breakfast. Quality speakers with first hand telemarketing experience and a motivating message are extremely valuable.”
Sarah Fraser Chairperson NSW ATA Chapter.
“Thank you for presenting at the Supercharge Your Business weekend seminar”. You were a great cog in the inspirational process over the two days.”
Lachlan Francis
“Great Lady, She has so much to share with us and does so beautifully.”
Therese Rahme, Align Coaching
“Good Content, left me wanting more , got some great takeaways”
Lynda Byrne, Life and Business Strategist
“Very knowledgeable. An obvious authority in her field”
Janette Watson , Platinum Homes
“Very positive, encouraging and I am ready to go home and begin cold calling”
Heather Helmy, From Head to Heart
“Great, I loved the interactive activity”
Deb Brake, Extraordinary Lifestyles
“Fabulous & helpful hints and tips”
Virginia Johnson, Extraordinary Lifestyles