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What people are saying about Jenny’s Telesales Workshops

“The practical and interactive nature of the workshop was invaluable, I could not have achieved the level of learning I received by any other means. I would highly recommend Jenny’s course to anyone”
Ken Jang
“I can’t honestly thank you enough Jenny Cartwright. You really walk your talk. I had always been employed in salaried business development roles and had been quite successful. After your workshop and coaching and being equipped with such invaluable tools, I had to throw myself in the deep end and have a go at commission-based selling to really test my mettle. As you know, you were the first person I called when I cracked a $78,000 dollar sale over the phone. In the last 8 weeks I have pulled in over 200k in revenue for my clients of which all sales were closed over the phone. I have to thank you for that.”
Owen Matheson – Connectwork Pty Ltd

“This course was fantastic! Jenny cartwright was so knowledgable about telesales. I never really knew there was a structure to cold calling. I feel so confident that i can make calls and turn them into sales now”
Jenna Lock, Getty Images
Leonie Hussey,

“Thanks Jenny, the information you gave us on your 1 day course is going to give us a return on investment of at least 100%. We now have much tighter and improved scripts and we know how to overcome any objections easily. To think of all those advertising dollars we wasted in the past makes me shudder, I highly recommend your course to everyone in sales.”
Les Unferdorben – Jetlending Pty Ltd
Gary ,

“Excellent session – much appreciated. Amos and I reached our outbound calls target to the wholesalers and made some very good ground thanks to your strategies.”
Roy McEwen, Sales Manager Jaram Australia
“I have spent well in excess of $75,000 on training, personal development and sales workshops, including Tom Hopkins, Anthony Robbins and Brian Tracy. Yours was the best, providing me with a succinct and easily digestible system to get results fast with a ridiculously low investment”
John Lex – Natural Face Masks
Sharon Johnston,

“Sales was new to me and I needed to learn about the art.
So thank you for teaching me:

– How to really appreciate the service I was offering clients
– Write scripts for the different solutions for clients
– Today I love picking up the phone and giving my clients a call to help them solve business problems.
– I receive compliments and job offers from clients and told not to leave my job.
– My sales results doubled within six weeks of the course.
– Less stress because I have a manageable pipeline
– How much credit you receive from a client after you call when you say you will.
– I never get call reluctance”

Monique Isaacs – Green Pages
“Your course content was excellent and relevant. A few weeks after the course I had a sales trip planned. Using the techniques I had learned in your course, I was able to head off to Canberra with a diary full of appointments with qualified prospects. My script now sits by the phone and I look it over before every call. Thanks again.”
Christine Rupp – Sovereign Inn
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