At this time of year it is even more important to find the time to call your customers rather than Read more
Questions to check on your personal value to the customer What message are you sending your customers about you? (Do Read more
You finally get through the gatekeeper to the big decision maker you need to speak to and then it goes Read more
So many companies employ staff to make outbound sales calls all day long, train them on knowledge of product or Read more
INTRODUCING NEW PRODUCTS When you want to introduce a new product or service into your business, you could do a Read more
When leads or enquiries come in to you asking you for a price or a proposal, a very important first Read more
Remember 80% of your current business comes from 20% of your existing customers so it is important to call existing Read more
The most important thing to remember when making appointments is that you are selling the appointment, not your product or Read more
Although every company is different in procedure, I have found in fourteen years of training in-house that success in telephone Read more
Sometimes when you telephone the receptionist at a company and ask what the name of a person is in a Read more
Questioning in the sales process is so powerful when the technique is applied correctly. After you have grabbed the customer's Read more
My computer hard drive crashed some time ago and my back up support had failed to back up for the Read more
You know the sort - the ones that always say they are going to buy from you in the near Read more
A telephone call to a happy customer is the ideal way to find referrals and new prospects. This call should Read more
You have done your prospecting call and been asked to send out some information. You may be like many salespeople Read more
Don't you hate it when you have something good to offer and no sooner have you opened your mouth and Read more
As I work from a home office, I have to tolerate at least 4 - 6 telemarketing cold calls a Read more
After finding out your customer or prospect's needs and wants, every good sales presentation (whether it be by phone or Read more
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