Questions to check on your personal value to the customer

What message are you sending your customers about you? (Do you really look after them and sound as if you care?) Be compassionate enough to give clients more of YOU.

What problems do you solve for the customer?

What image do people get of you when you answer the phone?

People do business with those they like and trust. Business is personal, that is why companies like Dell, Commonwealth Bank and Modern Roofing are bringing their telemarketing back from India, it just did not work over there.
The Value of your Product – What are you really selling?
711 stores sell convenience, Federal Express sells speed, Air Road sells guaranteed delivery

It is your job to tell the customers the value you offer, not the thing that you do. They don’t discover it for themselves. For example I offer inspiration, motivation, confidence and skills (at least that is the feedback I get!) What do you offer?
We have to know our points of difference to our competitors. For example, I am a trainer who has acually made 100 calls a day for many years so I do have the practical experience as well as the theory. I use a telesales trainer to record people’s voices on training seminars, I offer ongoing free telesales tips after the training on an ongoing basis. I know enough on the topic I have written a book! So what are your points of difference?

The best way to make a good impression on someone is to let them give you a best impression of them. How do you do that? You practice great questioning techniques so you can listen more. Remember the best salespeople are good listeners, we have 2 ears and one mouth and we need to use them in that proportion. While the customer is talking and you are listening, the customer is talking themselves into what they want if you have asked the right questions.

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