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A Christmas Gift for my Telesales blog readers

Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and New Year

I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very happy and safe holiday season and give you 2 gifts.  You can download the Telemarketing Tips App for FREE for the next 4 weeks and have on the go inspiration from me on your mobile phone.  Click Here  Then click on “View in Itunes” , login yourself and then click “Free”. Alternatively search on “Telemarketing Tips” in the App Store from your iphone and click on Download for free.

I also want to give you access to a webinar I did for Steven Essa’s clients on how to use the phone more effectively in business to win more sales. It is very content rich so you should get heaps out of it. DOWNLOAD HERE

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Secrets to Getting Your Sales Emails Opened

So how many of the sales emails that you write get deleted before they are read? If the subject line doesn’t grab your prospects immediately, it will certainly get deleted.

A recent survey resulted in the 2013 Adestra Subject line Analysis Report . It reviewed over 2 billion corporate emails and discovered the words in the subject line that are most likely and least likely to have your emails opened. Here they are below :-

Words that increase the open rate of corporate emails

Alert                                         Report
Free Delivery                     Forecasts
Bulletin                                  Intelligence
Daily                                         Weekly
News                                         10% (i.e. specific figure) discount

Words that decrease the open rate

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How To Handle Objections

Do you ever find yourself struggling when someone throws up an objection and you find yourself saying “Oh, Okay then goodbye”, instead of trying to overcome their objection? The best sales people are masters of objection handling.  Here’s how.
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Great Customer Service Sells

On my recent holiday to Chile and Argentina I will never forget the incredible service we received from everyone at theIMG_1306_1_1 (1) Hotel in Portillo ski resort. On day 5 out of our 7 day stay, my husband got really sick. The hotel doctor assumed he had altitude sickness and gave him an injection to appease the raging headache and a pill for altitude sickness.  At 10.30 that night the hotel manager and the doctor came to see us in the dining room to ensure my husband’s headache had gone.  It had not gone, so they insisted we pack our bags immediately and get down to Santiago emergency hospital. They helped us pack in a hurry, organised a taxi free of charge to take us the 2.5 hour trip to Santiago, arranged the hospital and here was the shock – they gave us a refund for 2 nights accommodation and food in US$ cash.  I was amazed. I thought I would have to get that back from insurance.

It was the right decision to leave as the hospital discovered my husband was dangerously low on salt and put him on a drip for 2 days after which he was fine and we could resume our trip. This hotel really put our needs before their own gain. That kind of service never gets forgotten and people like me tell the world about it.


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Persistence Wins in Sales

We were sitting at the Port in Buenos Aires  last week  having a coffee and a street seller came up to me to show me his wallets for sale.  I interrupted my conversation with my husband to say “No thank you”.  He then proceeded to bring out some bracelets and again I said “No thank you”.  He then took my arm and put one of these bracelets on my wrist.  I said to my husband, “Oh, wow, that is nice” and had to ask how much it was.  It was so cheap I ended up buying 2! You see, when selling, if you don’t take rejection personally and  try again with a different approach, you can often win a sale.

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A Clever Up-Selling Technique

When on holiday in Argentina last week, my husband and I bought tickets for a dinner and tango show in the market for 
$67 each – a must when you go to Buenos Aires. Only when we got there did we discover we had to choose between 3 menus.  Needless to say, the ticket we had bought was only for the basic menu (Menu 1) – one starter, one main course and one dessert plus a cheap bottle of wine.
Menu 2 was $10 extra but it had a choice of starters, main courses and desserts and a bottle of Malbec, a much superior wine.
Menu 3 was $20 extra, had even better choices, an even more superior wine and champagne to end.
Needless to say, when faced with the choices, the basic menu definitely appeared inferior and we both up-sold ourselves to option 2 pretty quickly. Moral of the story is the restaurant made the buy- in price low to get us there and cleverly added value that was irresistible when we got there.
Another thing I noticed was that 80% of people opted for the middle choice and 20% took menu 3. That confirms my view that when faced with 3 choices, most people choose the middle one.
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Words To Avoid When Selling

 I was in Adelaide last week training the awesome sales team at Positive Lending Solutions for 2 days and in Toowoomba this week training the dedicated sales team at Australian Events. In both places I observed that casual language like “No worries” was said repeatedly in telesales conversations with customers.  This is what I call negative language and it is always better to use positive language in sales conversations.  If you catch yourself saying “No worries”,  challenge yourself to replace it this week with positive words that are more exciting like:-
“Excellent” “That’s fine”, “That’s okay”, “Terrific”, “It’s a pleasure”.
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How To Create A Sales Presentation

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Telemarketing Tips App is now available in the Itunes App Store

Telemarketing app Jenny-itunespromo







The Telemarketing Tips app is now available for just $4.99 in the itunes app store.

Here is the link

Now you can learn my tips on the go – in the train, the bus, the plane or while waiting for an appointment.

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Listening Skills on a Telephone Sales Call

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