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Are you looking for better results from your sales team? Many teams trained by us report tripling their sales. Our sales training resources for your team can be purchased in the shop and workshops can be conducted inhouse virtually or live. You may choose to license Jenny Cartwright’s training course and conduct it yourself. Please avail yourself of all our free resources – free reports, podcasts, digital downloads.(see Menu)

Sales & Marketing Consulting

Sales and Telesales Solutions can help you to increase your business through sales consulting and coaching, marketing offline and online, telesales and telemarketing.

We prepare telemarketing scripts, marketing plans, business plans and assessments of how your sales and telesales staff are performing. Our sole purpose is to get you better results and increase your market share.

Write your burning question or current challenge in the form on the right and Jenny will get back to you with a complimentary 15 minute consultation.

Telemarketing Script Writing

We strongly believe that every telemarketing and sales division should prepare a telemarketing script for their team so there is clarity how to express what you have to offer in the best possible way. We don’t want you to read it like a parrot, but we do want you to learn it off by heart so it sounds like it comes from you. That way you won’t waste calls and you’ll get much better results.

We have a brilliant formula for developing a telemarketing script that will work for you immediately. We can either teach you on our courses how to develop a script for yourself or you can employ us to write it for you.
Quotes start at around A$600, a small amount compared to the dollars it could make for you.

A script will include:

  • The steps of building rapport
  • Creation of an interest grabbing opening statement
  • Powerful questions to get the best response
  • Listening skills
  • Appointment making skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Objection handling
  • Closing and follow-up skills

We recommend you practise the script on a tape recorder until you are convinced you would buy from yourself. We offer coaching on this either over the phone or face to face.


Before we can provide you with a quote we need the following information from you:

  • Your website details
  • A list of benefits you offer
  • A list of objections you get and your current script if you have one
  • Who your target market is

A script can be created within 3 days.
If you need any changes made after production, then these will be done at no extra charge.


Sales Courses to License

How to Triple Your Sales by Phone

SALES COURSES TO LICENSE How to Triple Your Sales by Phone

If you are a company looking for the ultimate 1 and 2 day telesales/telemarketing course to conduct in-house yourself, here is the answer.

The Famous Telesales Workshop “How To Triple Your Sales by Phone” created by Australia’s leading telesales trainer, Jenny Cartwright, from her 20 years’ experience gives your staff the skills to sell products or services by phone successfully and make appointments confidently without the fear of rejection is now available to licence. This means your trainers can conduct the programme themselves in-house and you can save yourself the fees of outside trainers.


  • Imagine being able to grab people’s interest immediately and not be cut short with “not interested thanks”. Wouldn’t that be great?
  • Or what if you could close 7 appointments out of 10 in an hour and be sure they would eventuate. How would your business improve if you could do this?
  • Imagine being able to eliminate call reluctance from your life. It truly is possible, but you need to know how.
  • Discover the technique how to structure your own telemarketing script
  • Learn how to build rapport on the phone quickly with 3 powerful questions and listening skills.
  • Discover the 5 trigger words that make people want to buy.
  • Know how to overcome every objection.
  • Learn the right techniques to follow- up mailouts and quotes and turn them into orders.
  • Experience 5 ways to make you sound fantastic on the phone
  • Learn how to increase the value of the purchase every time.
  • Be able to turn 9 out of 10 enquiries into a sale


Companies may invest in this programme to use for their own training.
It comes with a soft and hard copy of the train the trainer/leader guide,

exercise instructions, the participant workbook and powerpoint slides
and a dvd of the one day workshop.

Imagine how much you can save on outside trainers as our rate is A$3,000-A$5,000 per day, per group training in-house. By purchasing the programme you pay a once only fee for as many days training each year as you wish.

$5,000.00 plus GST for as many people as you like.

No GST to pay on overseas orders
This 6 hours of live training on DVD condensed to 4 is delivered by Jenny Cartwright, Australia’s award winning Telemarketer and Training guru based on 20 years of her research and telephone selling experience with top speakers like Anthony robbins, Tom Hopkins, Jim Rohn, Denis Waitley and Zig Ziglar. She is author of “Don’t Get Hung Up!” and is a co-author of “Secrets of Top Sales Professionals.”


Script critique: Free Proofing of your telemarketing scripts (Value A$1,000)

Coaching: A two hour coaching session with your trainer to show you how to get the best out of the programme with your team.

Ongoing support: Free Telesales Tips Newsletter emailed to you monthly


Your trainer can attend a live public workshop with Jenny Cartwright in Australia for free.
This will be offered to you on receipt of purchase


Email your request to with your phone number. We will call you (even if you are overseas) to ensure this programme is going to be all that you need, invoice you and you can send funds by EFT, Paypal, Visa or Mastercard when you know it is right for you.

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How to make a professional telephone sales call.

We help sales professionals to structure results driven sales conversations on the phone, virtually and face to face so they can deliver confidently without the fear of rejection.

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