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How To Write Good Email Sales Copy

When You Need To Write Good Email Sales Copy

Sadly many inexperienced salespeople are choosing to write cold emails rather than picking up a phone to connect with a prospect. They write long paragraphs about their product or service and send an attachment with the result that only the first 2 lines get read and the email is deleted. It is better to put a link in the body of the email if you want the attachment opened.  If the prospect were to read further than 2 lines, they might even find spelling and grammar mistakes which for sure loses them credibility. My advice is to go on a copywriting course so you can inspire people to buy with your powerful words, do a spell check and learn how to do a good layout so the email can be scanned through and read in full easily.

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JENNY CARTWRIGHT - Motivating your Mind - Inspiring your Spirit for 2017

Motivation For Sales People – Complimentary Gift For Your Success in 2017

“Motivating Your Mind, Inspiring Your Spirit” is a very special e-book that has been compiled from the generosity of nearly 80 Australian, New Zealand, European, South African, Canadian, American, Asian and United Arab Emirates based authors, industry experts, Company Directors and business owners – including me!
I am on page 20.

Download it here

The 2017 e-book contributors have over 1800 years of business experience and 3000 years of people experience. Some younger, others more experienced, yet all are exceptionally talented, intelligent and gifted in their areas of expertise. This is the third year I have been invited to contribute and you will find my chapter on page

Contributors are invited based on their immeasurable value as topic experts and character attributes that have been on display over many years.

I know you will deeply appreciate their knowledge, their spirit of collegiality and time they have invested in this excellent e-book.

This e-book was created for the authors’ combined global readers to enjoy. We trust the stories, tips, insights and case studies can benefit you in your business, professional or personal education level.

You can share it with colleagues, business contacts, friends or those you feel will enjoy the IQ and EQ stories to enhance their 2017.

You can send it via e-mail, through your social media posts or blogs from your mobile device.

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Sales Strategy

Strategies To Retain Existing Customers

In order not to miss out on sales, it is important to change our strategies from time to time, particularly strategies to retain existing customers

I remember in the recession, when the training side of my business slowed down, I realised how important it was to retain existing customers.  I made the decision to call some of my past in-house training clients to give them ideas of what they could be doing to get more sales at that time.

As a result of asking them good strategic questions, (And not just “How are you going?”) they realized what they were not doing and should be doing. Recognizing the extent of my experience in sales and marketing many hired me to review their marketing material, write their sales systems and strategy, (something they had never documented before) create their inbound and outbound call scripts, document the tasks of each salesperson’s role and create a training manual so that anyone new starting the role could start training themselves. The number of consulting jobs that resulted from this exercise replaced the reduction in training jobs I was experiencing at the time.

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Confident Telephone Sales

Making Sales by Phone Can Be Marred By One Mannerism

Making sales by phone requires skill. One of the main reasons some staff (particularly new staff)  fail at prospecting is that they do not sound confident .  Well, if you are new, understandably you may not feel confident so you might need to be trained in some simple techniques how to sound confident. You might have to fake it till you make it. This is so important as no-one is going to buy from someone who is not sounding confident in themselves or their product or service. Your job is to generate such confidence in your product or service and transfer your energy to the prospect on the other end of the phone.

When making sales by phone, here are 5 simple techniques to sound confident

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Telesales Training

Sales Etiquette

Managers are worried that their sales and telesales team is forgetting basic sales/telesales etiquette and using language that is too casual. In case you are guilty of this, here are some alternative words you can try using instead.

Sales and Telesales Etiquette

1. Calling customers “Mate”.
If you are calling people and they call you mate first, then it is okay but some people take this to extreme and use the word every sentence. Whenever you think of saying “mate”, simply use the person’s name. It is more professional and builds rapport.

2. Yep, Yep – “Yes” is more professional!

3. Someone asks you how you are, you say “Not Bad”. Instead be more positive and say “Fantastic” or “Excellent” . It sounds much more enthusiastic.

4. “Cheers” – say “Thank you for your call” or “Good-bye.”

5. “No worries” – “That’s okay”,”That’s great”, “That’s fine”, “Excellent”, “Brilliant”, “That’s good”. Remember we only use positive words in sales.

6. “Bear with me” say “Would you mind holding for a moment?” (Wait for the customer’s answer).

7. “I have a good deal for you.” – a good offer is more professional.

Remember you only get 15 seconds to make a first good impression on the phone. Let it be a positive one.

Sales Etiquette For Face to Face Sales People

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How To Double Your Sales In One Week

How To Double Your Sales In One Week

You have probably realised that telesales is a combination of a numbers game and a skills game. The more calls you make, the more sales and appointments you make. So this month, let’s look at how you could increase your activity, i.e. the number of calls you make so you get more success.

I am coaching someone this week who told me he makes 25 calls a day. My immediate train of thought went to wondering what on earth he was doing with his time if he could only make 25 calls a day. Now this guy was not selling anything but an appointment to meet with his director. He should be able to make 10 calls an hour minimum and if he called for 5 hours a day, that would be 50 calls per day. On average he was getting 1 call in 10 to agree to an appointment . That would mean he would get 5 appointments a day instead of 2. Here is where I found the time was being lost.

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Refocus On Your Customer Service in 2011 And Win More Sales

Is it Time To Refocus On Your Customer Service To Win More Sales?

I am pleased to see some companies realising that people like to deal with real people rather than automated voicemail messages. Westpac and NRMA are advertising that they have returned to having live people to answer their phones rather than the recorded message like “Press 1 for this and 2 for that etc.”

The worst telephone customer service experience ever is provided by Vodafone as far as I am concerned. When you ring them, they have the audacity to say that you will be answered by a live person called Lara. When you ring the Vodafone customer service number, you are indeed answered by Lara – and Lara is an automated voice . She gives you multiple choices of topics to choose (this goes on an on) and it could take 4 or 5 minutes to get through to the department you want. Then you get a recorded message telling you the wait time to be answered will be approximately 30 minutes. Unbelievable! I have had to do this several times because they keep cutting off my remote internet service, and I am fed up having to spend hours on the phone each time to get the problem sorted. . I tried to end my contract with them as I simply did not want to deal with them anymore.Their billing department informed me that I would still have to pay for the remaining 6 months or I would be taken to court for breaking the contract. Call this telephone number 1300 650 145 to hear how real this is and please make sure you never have this sort of customer service in your company. No wonder Vodafone has a class action against them. Incidentally I have tried emailing my complaint, to which I get a reply that they will reply in 5 days Then I got a reply with a number of frequently asked questions which did not answer my issue at all. Again, unbelievable! I had to start the complaint process all over again. Clearly Vodafone are avoiding speaking to customers and losing them in droves.

If you do have a large volume of calls, at least have a voicemail messaging system offering to call the customer back within an hour.

For 12 tips on how to improve your customer service

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Setting Training Standards For Telemarketers Could Have Saved the Government $33.1 million!

I am aiming to educate businesses, consumers and government about the real problem with the telemarketing and call centre industry in Australia.

My call to action was the introduction of the Australian Do Not Call Register which is to be launched on May 30 2007.

The Government is spending $33.1 million establishing and running the register which is only going to stop 20% of the 800 million calls Australian telemarketers make each year. We will still get 80% of the calls which annoy us at home because charities, political parties, government bodies, religious organisations, educational institutions and voice broadcasting are exempt.

One of the main reasons the register was set up was to stop the nuisance calls from Indian call centres, but the register can’t stop that unless the person ringing is linked to an Australian organisation.
Telemarketing is a profession which requires a high level of skill to be successful. The reason telemarketers get a bad name is that they have had no sales training, come across as unprofessional, and many have an accent that can barely be understood by the Australian prospect. ”

My passion for the last 12 years has been to train businesses, sales and telemarketing staff how to sell professionally on the phone. I believe all salespeople should be trained in telephone selling skills, not just telemarketers.”Sales people may not see themselves as practicing telemarketing. They call it “prospecting” which requires exactly the same skills as a telemarketer needs.” In addition they require telephone sales skills to make appointments, follow up quotes, mail-outs, existing customers, sales and inactive customers.

When telemarketers and sales people are trained, they are less intrusive, more professional and receive less rejection. The bottom line is they get more sales.

I believe that
If the government had spent money on setting standards for training requirements before telemarketers unleashed themselves on the public, we would not be receiving the nuisance calls we have today. It could also have saved the money spent on the Do Not Call Register.”

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