How To Coach Yourself To Make Telephone Sales Calls

  How to Coach Yourself To Make Telephone Sales Calls is very similar to how to coach yourself to do exercise. I am very disciplined about doing some form of exercise every day of my life but this morning I really did not feel like it.  Thoughts ran through my head like “Have a day … Read more

Making Sales by Phone Can Be Marred By One Mannerism

Making sales by phone requires skill. One of the main reasons some staff (particularly new staff)  fail at prospecting is that they do not sound confident .  Well, if you are new, understandably you may not feel confident so you might need to be trained in some simple techniques how to sound confident. You might have to fake it till you make it. This is so important as no-one is going to buy from someone who is not sounding confident in themselves or their product or service. Your job is to generate such confidence in your product or service and transfer your energy to the prospect on the other end of the phone.

When making sales by phone, here are 5 simple techniques to sound confident

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How To Build Rapport On The Phone

People buy from people who are like them so we need to become as much like our customer as we can to build rapport. We have talked about ways to build rapport before in the telesales tips newsletters like copying a customer’s speed, talking the same auditory, visual or kinaesthetic language, asking open-ended questions and demonstrating listening skills. Now let’s look at another way to build rapport.

DISCI was training a team in a large contact centre recently when one person said, “I really like this new script you have given us. It is much more concise and to the point and we have had a 33% increase in sales overall in our first week of using it. We have been taught to chat to the customer a lot more and ask them all about their pets before we start selling the idea of buying raffle tickets to raise money for the RSPCA.”. The light switch went on for me. Their trainer clearly did not have an awareness of the DISC profiling of the basic four different styles of people or customers. He was quite right to teach the chat style to his team to build rapport but only if the customer spoken to was an Influencer (I) on the DISC profiling system or a Steadiness (S) type of person on the Disc Profiling System. The S and the I are social people people who like to chat to you. However, if you are talking to the Dominance style of person (D) or the Conforming style of person (C) these people want you to get to the point, tell them why you rang and what the bottom line is, then get off the phone.

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How To Overcome Call Reluctance

I would like to invite you to download a free e-book “Motivating Your Mind, Inspiring Your Spirit”  and check out page 25 for my tips on “How to Overcome Call Reluctance”. The E-book is the brainchild of one of my long term colleagues, Rob Salisbury, who has invited a number of speakers and trainers in our community … Read more

Don’t Get Hung Up! – Now a Best Seller

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Overcome Call Reluctance and Pick Up That Phone!

Yes, I know, it’s hard to overcome call reluctance  after a holiday so here are some of the reasons why you might take a while to get going on your calls and some ideas how to get over them.

1.  You avoid doing the calls because you  find a lot of things to do like the filing from last year, the email inbox to sort out, the paperwork to prepare for 2012, meetings to attend., the diary to plan

2.  You fear you won’t be well received because people are only just back at work.

3.  You believe the prospects on your list will never buy from you so what is the point in calling them?

4. You think the calls can wait till next week.

5. You have no goals/motivation so you have nothing to aim for yet

6. You don’t feel good about yourself and have a negative self image at the moment

7.  You need to learn more about your new products you are selling before you feel confident to talk about them. Product knowledge is vital.

All of these avoidance behaviours are not going to serve you if you want to have your best year ever. Think about it this way, one hour of procrastination per day equals 225 selling hours wasted a year (based on working 45 weeks a year). There is a way to get round all of them.

Write down the behaviours you personally act out to avoid the calling? Being aware of those is the first step.

7 Ideas To Kickstart Your Telephone Sales

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A Severe Case of Call Reluctance – Don’t let this happen to you!

To be successful in sales, one of the most important things to be sure of is that you never allow negative thoughts of failure to even enter your head.
I’ll give you an example of how allowing a negative thought into the mind lost a sale for someone last week. My husband and I have shares in a winery in South Australia and a salesperson rang me to see if we would like to buy some of our own wine for Christmas. I told the guy that I am sure we would be interested but that the best person to speak to would be my husband as he likes to decide which wines we buy. I told him when my husband would be available and sure enough, the guy rang back at the time specifiied. I answered the phone and I said I would transfer the call to my husband. Excited and ready to buy, my husband went to pick up the phone and unfortunately I put the phone down too soon before he actually connected with the guy. He was cut off. Now we both expected the guy to call back and he didn’t. He must have assumed my husband was not interested in buying and had hung up on him. My husband tried to do “call recall” to get the number to call back but it was a number you could not call back. Wow, what a waste of a big sale that that guy could have made. He let a negative thought get the better of him. He thought we had just hung up on him.
Next day another wine society called with a great offer. My husband bought it.

What To Do When You Get A Negative Thought

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