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How to deal with the people who avoid making a decision to buy from you

You know the sort – the ones that always say they are going to buy from you in the near future – the ones that ask you to ring again in three months time – the ones who were super keen when you first talked to them and now they have decided not to go ahead at all when you ring back and the ones you have spent hours doing a proposal for and they do not want to proceed.

I must admit that I have had quite a few of these in the last few months myself but I am getting the go ahead from these people more often than I used to.

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Dealing With The Price of Your Product or Service

My computer hard drive crashed some time ago and my back up support had failed to back up for the last six months (without my ever knowing). I spent a considerable amount of time calling data recovery places to find the best solution. It did not have to be the cheapest quote (though many places thought that was my issue), I just wanted to be confident about the effectiveness of the recovery, the speed with which it could be done and the proximity to my office.

I got all sorts of responses. One reply was: “Yes, well it’s normally $350.”

“Oh,” I thought, “so are you going to offer me a cheaper price?” “Normally” would indicate that this was the case as a rule. I wanted to ask him if now was “normally” but resisted!

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How to Handle Every Objection

Although every company is different in procedure, I have found in fourteen years of training in-house that success in telephone selling still boils down to three things;
The type and quality of the questions that are asked in the rapport building stage,
the power of the script, and the ability to handle every objection that arises.

Let’s look at how the objections could be handled better.

When I first listen to what is being said in a telemarketer’s calls, I frequently hear, “Oh, okay bye” from the telemarketer. Yes, another call is wasted, because they did not know what to say to answer the objection and instead found it easier to put the phone down.

I recommend that you make a list of every objection that comes up, both in face-to-face sales and also in telesales and find an effective way to overcome it and put all the objections and responses in front of you when you are on the phone. Here are some ways I recommend to answer objections.

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