How To Win More Sales Immediately – Three Easy Techniques

I do hope you had a lovely break and are busy building your sales pipeline and plan for 2019. My intention is to give you some quick and easy ideas each month to win more sales to keep you motivated and active. Remember I will never suggest you do anything that I do not do myself.  That way you know it works.

1.  To Win More Sales – Call all the people you did quotes for last year that you never heard back from .

(Note I said “Call” not email)  This may sound scary because you may think they rejected you or your proposal but you will be surprised to know that 50% of the people never took action or bought anything from a competitor and they are usually open to starting a conversation with you again. I find I can convert 25% of these, i.e. 1 in 4 calls , to do business with me this year. You can say something like ” Hi _____ We did a quote for you last year for ____ and I am curious to know whether the solution (or the product/service) you found has worked out for you. What did you like about it (if they bought elsewhere)? What stopped you from going ahead when you already felt you needed _____? “Just get into a conversation with open-ended questions. “How much has not taking action cost you, do you think?”

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Over 100 Tips To Motivate You To Achieve More

People often ask me “What has made you so successful in business?”

I tell them my business was certainly not an overnight success. It has taken years of

  1. Focusing on one topic – Telesales – and not getting distracted by other topics
  2. Persistence when the going gets tough. I mean it would have been easy for me to give up after the GFC or when the Do Not Call register was introduced but I didn’t do that.
  3. Constantly learning and looking for new material on my topic. I devour every book, article and attend as many sales seminars as I can. After 25 years in my own business,I know a lot but if I only get one new idea from each seminar and implement it, it’s a bonus.

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Telemarketing Song

Something a bit different on telemarketing this month.   I thought you might enjoy this little song on that my hip-hop singing son and I created. It covers all the essential ingredients of a good telephone sales call. Many people around the globe are using it to start their day. I hope you will too. … Read more

Is Honesty Important In Sales?

Having just returned from a gorgeous holiday on the islands of Mykonos, Paros, and Santorini, I’ll never forget what happened on Santorini.

We arrived by boat at the port and could not see a single taxi to take us to our hotel. An excited, prospecting salesperson standing outside the car hire office, took his opportunity to invite us in and proceeded to sell us the idea of hiring a car.  He asked how long we were there for (only 24 hours) and said that hiring a car would be our best option.  Then we could see the whole island. “Anyway”, he said, “a taxi to your hotel would cost 30 euros, taxi to the airport next day 30 euros and I will give you a good deal of 80 euros including petrol and insurance  to hire the car for a day with a drop off at the airport. It seemed like a good idea so this is what we did.  We realised hiring a car at the port was not probably the cheapest place to hire a car but it was at least convenient.

When we got to the hotel, out of interest, I asked how much a taxi from the port would have cost.  I was told 15 euros . It would be the same price to the airport and the car hire place next door would have been half what we paid!

Hmmm.  We felt ripped off.  

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Customer Service Tip- How Special Do You Make Your Customers Feel?

Wow, what a way to make a customer feel special. I have just been on my DREAM ski holiday to Heavenly Valley, Lake Tahoe, USA, where I truly experienced “heaven” – powder snow, sunshine and gorgeous views.

Maybe part of the success of the holiday was due to the fact that every time I walked into the hotel, Aston Lakeland Village Inn,  a gentleman called Scott raced out with flair from behind reception to grab my skis off me, put them away and then he offered to help me take off those heavy ski boots. Wow, now that was service!  Not only that, every time I went in and out past reception, he had something to chat about and engage me.  When I think about it, he really made me feel at home in this accommodation.  Nothing was too much trouble. What he did was not his brief.  He just did it for love of his job. His reception would be the reason I would go back to that hotel again and again. He made me feel valued, he made me feel special and I will never forget that.



United Airlines, however, did everything but make me feel special.

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A Gift For You – Webinar on Telesales/Telemarketing

I  would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year. Relax from telesales and telemarketing, enjoy, so you are ready with renewed energy to help others to invest in your services next year. Remember, people will buy your energy, much more than what you say so you need to re-energise and take … Read more

Lessons Learnt From Sir Richard Branson

What an awesome human being I met in Sir Richard Branson when speaking at the same event as him in Melbourne last weekend. First of all he is humble.  He does not brag about his achievements but tells you about them in a way that inspires you to play a bigger game too. He advises not to put … Read more

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