Creative Uses of Telemarketing


When you want to introduce a new product or service into your business, you could do a survey by phone of potential customers to get their opinion and determine the demand before you go into production. You could also call your existing customers to get their opinion too. Telemarketing is a lot more economical and up to date than launching a new product on gut feel or paying for expensive industry marketing data.


You need to keep your database up to date and stay in touch with your customers every 90 days. Have someone call your customers every 3 months to update the details and update any changes of staff. You can even ask your customers what they think of your service and if they have any ideas how to improve it. Take note of their favourable comments too, you can use them as valuable testimonials when you need them.

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How to Train a Telemarketer

So many companies employ staff to make outbound sales calls all day long, train them on knowledge of product or service only, and are then disappointed at the lack of results. “There is no point in training them because they don’t stay very long” they cry. My response is, “Of course they leave if they are not getting results. If you train them, they will get results and want to stay.”

For 6 years I achieved record breaking results in telemarketing by promoting famous speakers such as Anthony Robbins, Tom Hopkins, Jim Rohn and Denis Waitley. I had been successfully selling face to face for 20 years before that so I did have the vital ingredients for outbound telemarketing – i.e. the skills to sell. Knowledge of product or service alone was definitely not enough. I found you had to have a number of special qualities, the most important of which were enthusiasm, a positive attitude, persistence and self-motivation.

For a while I observed what I did compared to what others in my office did who were not getting my great results. I wrote everything down and ultimately created the training programme that I have been conducting for 12 years as a public seminar. This is customized for every inhouse training that I present. I get the greatest results by following up an inhouse training with one on one coaching or small group coaching once a week for 3 weeks after the training.

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