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What’s New In 2020 For Sales and Telesales Training?

Public Workshops now on the zoom online platform

Watch out for public workshops “Telephone, Email and Prospecting Skills To Triple Your Sales” on the zoom online meeting platform. These are designed for  salespeople worldwide who want to save time travelling to a live venue. They are conducted in two 2 hour sessions one week apart.
Check dates here  Homework tasks are given in between the sessions to reinforce the learning and phone scripts are developed during the course.
Customisation for your sales team can be created and conducted on your date choices.

Monthly Group Mentoring

Group mentoring one hour a month to increase your motivation and sales results – Yes, for  results everyone needs a coach, It’s your chance to get all your personal challenges answered  Book Here

Video Workshops

Video workshops of famous public training “How To Triple Your Sales Using The Phone”  can be delivered in 4 one hour sessons. and can be viewed at your chosen time. This would accommodate individuals who may be regionally based or simply those who prefer an accessible learning option for when they can make their own time to do it. $197 per person. Order Here 

One to One Coaching

 One on one coaching is, as always, available on zoom online meetings. Order Here

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Sales Coaching Gets Your Challenges Resolved Fast

Why Do Sales Coaching?

Sales Coaching with a professional expert can accelerate your sales much faster than you doing the job alone.

As some of my clients are overseas and interstate, many of the sessions are done online on zoom from my office.  60% of people I attract are already working for companies and pay for themselves because they want to become better at what they do.  That means they are already self-motivated which is such a vital quality to have in sales.

A Recent Sales Coaching Client Scenario

My newest sales coaching clent is 23 year old Mary from Queensland.  Mary is trying to get members for a gym by following up people she met in shopping centre promotions and offering them a free trial session.

On her first session with me, we developed a compelling  script .After a week trialing it, she reported
“I have applied the script we created and my call to appointment rate SHOT UP!”

Below you will find the issues she wanted resolved on our second session.   Maybe you have similar issues and will be able to use my answers.

Mary’s Questions and My Answers on our second call

Mary:  “What do I do when the lead never picks up the phone? Do I text them?”

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Some Words Are Better To Use In The Sales Conversation

Some words are better to use in the sales conversation than others.  On the phone, words have 25% importance so avoid words that cause resistance. Below are a few common mistakes.

1. Never use the word ‘BUT’ to counter an objection

This one little word, ‘but’, is often used when responding to an objection and it can spoil everything else you say. ‘But’ negates everything you say before it, therefore disagreement is all the customer hears.

If a customer raises an objection, acknowledge it and follow with the word ‘and’ as opposed to ‘but’.

An example would be:
Customer: ”This software sounds like it would take a long time to install.’
Salesperson: ‘Yes, it does take a long time to install and that challenge is taken care of by our own consultants who set the whole thing up for you as part of the service.’
Customer: ‘It’s very expensive.’
Salesperson: ‘I understand that you think that and that’s why I would like to include a service contract in the price for you for three years at no cost. How does that sound?’

2. Change ‘WHY’ questions to ‘HOW’ questions

Sometimes ‘why’ makes prospects feel defensive and it can sound interrogating or demanding. Research results show that you can increase the amount of information you get from your customer if you begin your questions with ‘how’.

When the customer feels uncomfortable with you (which they might do with ‘why’) they will not buy from you. They will only buy when they feel comfortable with you. ‘How’ will be less challenging for them and less interrogating.

For example:
Salesperson: ‘Why did you buy from Grace Brothers?’
Could be changed to:
Salesperson:How did you make a decision to purchase from Grace Brothers?’

‘Why aren’t you interested?’
Could be changed to:
Salesperson: How specifically could we make this of more interest to you?’

3. Avoid starting with  “I am just calling about…”

‘Just’ minimises what you are about to say in this context and makes your message less important. Simply say, ‘I’m calling you about …’  Never start a cold call with ‘How are you?’ if you have never spoken to the person before. They will immediately suspect a sales call and want to get rid of you.

4. Avoid closing conversations with negative, casual language

Avoid closing conversations with ‘Not a problem’ and ‘No worries’. These expressions leave customers feeling you are leaving them on a negative note. Say, ‘That’s fine’ and ‘Thank you for your business’.

Find Alternatives

The following words will create resistance so it is recommended you choose the alternatives in the right column.

Deal Opportunity, offer
Problem Challenge
Cost Investment, Price
Change Amend, Improve
No worries mate It was good to talk to you

Use Positive and exciting words like:

New, Unique, Magnificent, lSpecial, Great, Amazing, Beautiful, Easy

So you see, some words are better to use in the sales conversation than others.

Many more tips like these can be found  here

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Find Phone Numbers and Email

How do you find phone numbers and email addresses for prospects easily? Prospecting has never been easier than it is now.  You can find anyone’s email and phone number using some very simple techniques that you may not have even realised..

I hear people bemoaning the fact that they cannot call someone on LinkedIn until they agree to connect with them .  My question to them is “Why wait to connect?” It could take days to get a reply if you get one at all.

1. Search on LinkedIn

First find a person you want to connect with on LinkedIn, then put their name in inverted commas into google, their state and (the words) phone number.  Up pops their phone number and if they have their own website, you can find their email address on the website.  If not you can search the person again plus the words  “ëmail address” instead of phone number. Then if you know how to do a telephone sales call professionally, you can save time and call straight away.

Sometimes you can enter a direct phone number into google and it will bring up the email or website too.

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Closing The Sale Too Early

Closing The Sale Too Early

Do you ever stop after each sales call or phone call to reflect on what went wrong that made the customer refuse your offer? Sometimes it can be because you did your presentation and straight afterwards, you tried closing the sale with “So would you like to go ahead then?”That is a closed question that can get a “Yes” or “Nö”.

It is important to remember that while you are talking through your presentation, the customer is thinking up objections which need to be handled before you ask them to buy.  A better question after the presentation is called a trial close.  It must not be a closed question that could get “No””so it needs to be an open-ended question begining with What, Why, Where, Which, Who, When to test the ground or it can be a question that gets them inspired to buy so they  say “Yes”.

Before Closing The Sale Do These Trial Closes (All start with Open-Ended Questions)

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Questions for sales

Questions For Sales

Questions for sales must be strategic. Maybe you do not ask any because you fear you are being too nosy? Well let me reassure you that a customer would much rather be asked something about himself and have a salesperson take an interest in him than receive a salesperson who just talks about what he has to offer. It’s exactly the same in real life when talking to friends or strangers.

I have created my list of most used questions to use in the sales process and would love to share them with you.  Adapt each one to your own situation and have them up in front of you when talking to clients so you can keep the conversation going.

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Telesales Appointment Setting

Why Some Appointments No-Show?

Why do some Appointments no-show? I have had a couple of interesting in-house consulting and training jobs just recently. In both, the telephone sales team were cold calling to make appointments for the salesperson. The first company were making appointments for a face to face sales presentation and the second were making appointments for a teleconference by phone.

First Scenario

In the first scenario, the telemarketers were saying they wanted to make an appointment for a sales consultant to say “Hi and drop off some samples”.  Was that a compelling reason for anyone to feel they had to keep an appointment?  If the prospect had something important to do at the time set, I am sure they would have felt it unnecessary to keep the appointment. After all, the sales consultant could just leave samples at reception.

Second Scenario

In the second scenario, the prospect was not turning up for the teleconference call,. I believe this was  because the telemarketer, on the initial cold call,had not given enough compelling reasons for the prospect to make sure he kept the appointment;  He had not created enough pain for them telling them what they were missing out on if they did not attend. In some cases, he had not reconfirmed the appointment the day before  or even given the prospect a number they could call in case they had to reschedule. There is considerable cost in having salespeople scheduled to do presentations to prospects. It is beyond my comprehension why Managers are not watching what is going on with their telesales team. Perhaps the telesales team needs to be rewarded for making the appointment only when the appointment shows up?

Third Scenario

Today I had a call from someone wanting to make an appointment with me to help me with my IT.  He told me he wanted an appointment so he could spend just 15 minutes telling me what his company could do for small business owners.  What the heck would I waste 15 minutes of my time when I already have IT help? He never told me once what he could do for me which was all I was interested in . He just talked about him and his company without asking me a single question. Then at the end,to add insult to injury, he asked me what the name of my company was! Didn’t he know whom he was calling? Why do Managers waste their time employing people like this without training them?

Ten Ways To Ensure Appointments Show Up

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Lead Generation Email

A great Lead generation tool is LinkedIn but so often when people want to connect with new prospects on LinkedIn, they send the standard request “I’d like to connect with you on linkedIn.”
Prospecting Emails must create curiosity and interest

The prospect has not got the faintest idea “why”, so I recommend you make it more personal and give a reason to create curiosity and interest with the prospect. Just writing the above requires the prospect to look up who you are and take time out from their busy day.  Make it easy for them and write an email like you write a script for a cold call.

1.  (Flatter the prospect with something you noticed about them)  e.g. “I read your article in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday and noticed you are moving to Melbourne soon.”

2.  (How you can help them personally) “We can offer you a reliable removal service between Sydney and Melbourne. (Get the word “you” in there)

What sets us apart is __________ (or)

What you get from us that no-one else offers is………

I would firstly suggest we connect on linkedin. Please feel free to accept and do let me know when and how I can best assist you when you are ready to move.”

It’s easy to find something out about prospects nowadays to accommodate Point 1

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Telemarketing Outsourcing That Works

Every day I get calls asking me if I know of someone who could do their lead generation and appointment setting because they do not want to do telemarketing themselves. Well, now there is a solution at a very low cost from a company called More Leads Please in the Philippines.

The CEO of this company, David Warne,  understands Australian business frustrations with doing cold calling.  He has employed me to train his staff when leading Crowne Catering and Tall Ships.  Then he moved his Tall Ships reservations and sales generation to a start up call centre in the Philippines.  He confirmed to me the mindset and work ethic of the people in call centres is very different to here.  They love their work and work very hard. I thought you would enjoy this video to see the fun they have there.  Watch More Leads Please Call Centre Video

Roar Team (1)

David understands telemarketing and the need for agents to have good English, telephone sales training and fun at work to get results. He has a a goal to build  the most inspirational workplace in South East Asia. His agents have to be university educated and have a good command of English to get employed.  The result  is I am now training his people on an ongoing basis how to sell on on the phone and he is providing his agents with English speaking communication coaching and a unique Australianisation programme for one week before they start my sales training.

As a special offer to my clients who choose to use this service, I will write your script, personally train your own agents and monitor the results. Alternatively you can deal with More Leads Please yourself without any extra fee from me for $11.90 an hour per agent.  You can have as few as one or two telemarketers or more, it’s your choice. The website with all the information for outsourcing your campaign is
More Leads Please Website    

The only complaint I have had from my clients who have used them so far, is that they could not manage the number of appointments being created!


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The 3 Pronged Sales Strategy

Here is the 3 pronged sales strategy -When you call a prospect and they immediately say they do not want what you are offering, have another couple of products or services up your sleeve that you can offer as an alternative.

This achieves two things:, It lets customers know what else you do (often they do not know) and it offers them an alternative way to do business with you.

Example 1 

You sell public seminars and if that is of  no interest, then you can offer inhouse training and training products like cds and dvds.

Example 2

You sell trucks and if they do not want trucks, you can offer leasing and repairs.

Example 3

You sell websites but they are not interested, so you offer website reviews and search engine optimisation.

Focus on selling your main product or service first and if they say they are are not interested, say “That’s okay, you may prefer to look at our …………….. .”  Remember sales is about getting into a conversation.  When you have more to talk about than one product or service that could assist the customer, you have more chance of continuing the conversation and building the rapport.

If you are saying this won’t work for you because you really only have one product, then brainstorm with your management what else you could create to offer as an alternative to the first product. This sales strategy really works well

You can find 200 more tips in my book Don’t Get Hung Up! athttp:// www.telesalestraining.com.au/telesales-books.html or https://www.telesalestraining.com.au/telesales-ebooks.html


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