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Lead Generation Email

A great Lead generation tool is LinkedIn but so often when people want to connect with new prospects on LinkedIn, they send the standard request “I’d like to connect with you on linkedIn.”
Prospecting Emails must create curiosity and interest

The prospect has not got the faintest idea “why”, so I recommend you make it more personal and give a reason to create curiosity and interest with the prospect. Just writing the above requires the prospect to look up who you are and take time out from their busy day.  Make it easy for them and write an email like you write a script for a cold call.

1.  (Flatter the prospect with something you noticed about them)  e.g. “I read your article in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday and noticed you are moving to Melbourne soon.”

2.  (How you can help them personally) “We can offer you a reliable removal service between Sydney and Melbourne. (Get the word “you” in there)

What sets us apart is __________ (or)

What you get from us that no-one else offers is………

I would firstly suggest we connect on linkedin. Please feel free to accept and do let me know when and how I can best assist you when you are ready to move.”

It’s easy to find something out about prospects nowadays to accommodate Point 1

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Telemarketing Outsourcing That Works

Every day I get calls asking me if I know of someone who could do their lead generation and appointment setting because they do not want to do telemarketing themselves. Well, now there is a solution at a very low cost from a company called More Leads Please in the Philippines.

The CEO of this company, David Warne,  understands Australian business frustrations with doing cold calling.  He has employed me to train his staff when leading Crowne Catering and Tall Ships.  Then he moved his Tall Ships reservations and sales generation to a start up call centre in the Philippines.  He confirmed to me the mindset and work ethic of the people in call centres is very different to here.  They love their work and work very hard. I thought you would enjoy this video to see the fun they have there.  Watch More Leads Please Call Centre Video

Roar Team (1)

David understands telemarketing and the need for agents to have good English, telephone sales training and fun at work to get results. He has a a goal to build  the most inspirational workplace in South East Asia. His agents have to be university educated and have a good command of English to get employed.  The result  is I am now training his people on an ongoing basis how to sell on on the phone and he is providing his agents with English speaking communication coaching and a unique Australianisation programme for one week before they start my sales training.

As a special offer to my clients who choose to use this service, I will write your script, personally train your own agents and monitor the results. Alternatively you can deal with More Leads Please yourself without any extra fee from me for $11.90 an hour per agent.  You can have as few as one or two telemarketers or more, it’s your choice. The website with all the information for outsourcing your campaign is
More Leads Please Website    

The only complaint I have had from my clients who have used them so far, is that they could not manage the number of appointments being created!


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The 3 Pronged Sales Strategy

Here is the 3 pronged sales strategy -When you call a prospect and they immediately say they do not want what you are offering, have another couple of products or services up your sleeve that you can offer as an alternative.

This achieves two things:, It lets customers know what else you do (often they do not know) and it offers them an alternative way to do business with you.

Example 1 

You sell public seminars and if that is of  no interest, then you can offer inhouse training and training products like cds and dvds.

Example 2

You sell trucks and if they do not want trucks, you can offer leasing and repairs.

Example 3

You sell websites but they are not interested, so you offer website reviews and search engine optimisation.

Focus on selling your main product or service first and if they say they are are not interested, say “That’s okay, you may prefer to look at our …………….. .”  Remember sales is about getting into a conversation.  When you have more to talk about than one product or service that could assist the customer, you have more chance of continuing the conversation and building the rapport.

If you are saying this won’t work for you because you really only have one product, then brainstorm with your management what else you could create to offer as an alternative to the first product. This sales strategy really works well

You can find 200 more tips in my book Don’t Get Hung Up! athttp:// www.telesalestraining.com.au/telesales-books.html or https://www.telesalestraining.com.au/telesales-ebooks.html


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Lessons Learnt From Sir Richard Branson

Jenny Cartwright meets Sir Richard Branson

What an awesome human being I met in Sir Richard Branson when speaking at the same event as him in Melbourne last weekend.

First of all he is humble.  He does not brag about his achievements but tells you about them in a way that inspires you to play a bigger game too. He advises not to put limitations on yourselves when you come up with an idea of something you would like to do. He says the biggest challenge in life is you holding yourself back (the personal challenge).

Here are the 5 major  tips I took away from his talk we can all  benefit from when doing  sales:-

 1.  Records are made to be broken so aim for an extra sale each week. It can be done. Challenge yourself.

 2. Never dwell on your failures, move on to the next call. The more your fail, the more you learn. (That’s why cold calling takes courage – each time you are rejected, pick yourself up and move on. It’s an opportunity to try a different way next time)

3. If you are a  leader, really listen to your staff with no judgement.  Even the young 19 year old may have a good idea for increasing business. Reward them with praise and attention often.

4.  Look after your customers.  Find out what they are looking for and howspecifically you can best help them.  Ask them the question “What do you need in your business right now?”.  So let me know what you need right now and if I can’t help you, I am sure I can refer you to soemone who can.  that is what I do best.

5.  Constantly be on the cutting edge of knowing what is happening in your industry so you can jimp on opportunities that present themselves every day when you stay aware.

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Better Words To Use In The Sales Conversation

I am constantly on the look-out for little things that can get you a better response from your customer when selling and was reminded of a couple of things at my in-house trainings recently.

1. Change “Why” questions to “How” questions whenever you can

Sometimes “why” makes prospects feel defensive and it can sound interrogating or demanding when you don’t have the right tone in your voice. You can also increase the amount of information you get from your customer if you begin your questions with “how”. “How” sounds less challenging too.

For example:

Salesperson: “Why did you buy from Pilkingtons?”

Could be changed to:

Salesperson: “How did you make a decision to purchase from Pilkingtons?”

Salesperson: “Why aren’t you interested?”

Could be changed to:

Salesperson: “How specifically could we make this of more interest to you?”

2. Avoid using the word “BUT” to counter an objection

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Inspiration of the Day

The only difference between a rich person and poor person is how they use their time.
How could you use yours 10% better?
Robert Kiyosaki

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