Do you ever stop after each sales call or phone call to reflect on what went wrong that made the customer refuse your offer? Sometimes it can be because you did your presentation and straight afterwards, you tried closing the sale with “So would you like to go ahead then?”That is a closed question that can get a “Yes” or “Nö”.

It is important to remember that while you are talking through your presentation, the customer is thinking up objections which need to be handled before you ask them to buy.  A better question after the presentation is called a trial close.  It must not be a closed question that could get “No””so it needs to be an open-ended question begining with What, Why, Where, Which, Who, When to test the ground or it can be a question that gets them inspired to buy so they  say “Yes”.

Before Closing The Sale Do These Trial Closes (All start with Open-Ended Questions)

What do you think about what I have told you so far?
How do you see yourself using this?
Where in your organisation could you use this?
How do you feel about what I have told you so far?
Which of the ideas I have presented do you like best?
How important would it be for you to ….

Before Closing the Sales Try Trial Closes That Inspire The Customer To Buy

Could you get excited about….
Can you see the value of ………
Are you looking forward to………
Aren’t you tired of struggling with….
Isn’t it reassuring to learn….
Do you see the benefit of….
Doesn’t it make sense to…

It could just be that you did not get a sale because you did not test the ground before closing a sale.Focus on asking these questions  and see what happens. Sometimes we need to try something different to keep us in the game.

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