If you have been reading my tips for a while, you will know the importance of having an interest grabbing opening on a cold call –  i.e; one sentence that will make the customer want to hear more from you. So it’s not:-

“This is Sally Smith from XYZ Computer Services.  I would like to tell you what our company does.” or “I’m Simon from XYZ IT. We do computer hardware and software and I wondered if you would like some information on this?”

It must be a sentence with a major benefit to the customer, i.e. the results the prospect might gain from using your services.  For example, this opening would have more interest:-

“This is Sally Smith from XYZ Computer Services.  We can offer you a service which guarantees your computers will never be out of action for more than 24 hours if they go wrong.” (The aim is to create curiosity.)

More Ways to Open The Call 

1. Many people say “We can help you save time and money”. In fact most people say that, so I recommend you try to say something different in order not to sound like every other salesperson”

“We can help you lower your _____ costs and reduce the amount of time you spend on ________” (insert the relevant word for the prospect’s industry). Using different words to say the same thing will make you sound more interesting and not like every other telemarketer.

2. In the above example we are making a bold statement that we are only guessing is important to the customer and in some cases, it can cause resistance. Try to find out something about the customer or the customer’s industry first. E.g.

” We specialise in the recruitment of tradespeople which means Human Resource Managers like yourself reduce the amount of time they spend taking calls from people who are not going to be suitable for the job required. May I ask …..” (then go into your questions).

3. If you know something about the customer you could say,

“I noticed you have been advertising for tradespeople on SEEK. You may not know that we have spent the last 5 years developing a database of tradespeople. Using our database saves Human Resource Managers several hours of interviewing a week because it enables them to find the right person in an instant.” (then go into your questions)

4. Another way to start a call is to use non-pushy words like “might, maybe, perhaps, possibly and depending on” but only in conjunction with social proof. E.g.

“Mr Prospect, I have worked with ING and have been able to reduce their administration costs by up to $5,000 a week. Depending on your situation, I might be able to do the same for you. May I ask ……” (then go into questions)

5. Finally, here’s an old formula for an opener but a goodie.

“We specialise in working with (type of people or companies) in helping them to (something they want to gain or avoid) so that they can (conclude with another desired result) . In order to know how this could work for you, may I ask?” (go into questions)

Make sure your cold call opening grabs interest

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