How do you find phone numbers and email addresses for prospects easily? Prospecting has never been easier than it is now.  You can find anyone’s email and phone number using some very simple techniques that you may not have even realised..

I hear people bemoaning the fact that they cannot call someone on LinkedIn until they agree to connect with them .  My question to them is “Why wait to connect?” It could take days to get a reply if you get one at all.

1. Search on LinkedIn

First find a person you want to connect with on LinkedIn, then put their name in inverted commas into google, their state and (the words) phone number.  Up pops their phone number and if they have their own website, you can find their email address on the website.  If not you can search the person again plus the words  “ëmail address” instead of phone number. Then if you know how to do a telephone sales call professionally, you can save time and call straight away.

Sometimes you can enter a direct phone number into google and it will bring up the email or website too.

2. Search on Google

To find a contact in a company – note where the inverted commas appear

“Name of company” ” job title” OR ” job title”  +  location

So to find the CEO or Director of Trend Micro   – “Trend Micro” “CEO” OR “Director” + Sydney

Whatever you do not want to appear in the search you put a minus sign e.g.
“Trend Micro” “Sales Managers” + NSW  -jobs

That search will eliminate any job websites which are advertising for sales managers.  The minus sign has to be up close to the next letter of the word (i.e. no space)

3. Search inside Webpages

Search inside webpages for lists of contacts by adding inurl: “contacts” or inurl::”members” to the association or company name you are searching.

4. Find Emails  offers a paid service to find emails of people within a company.

5. Find Information  – free service to find information/articles written by and  on smaller companies. I searched my company, Sales and Telesales Solutions and was surprised to find articles written about me  and articles I had written. Now there is no excuse for not finding out about a company before you call them. Nothing is secret anymore!

I learnt all this from a fellow speaker in USA Sam Richter.  He has even more information on this if you want to Google him.

Have fun with this.

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