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Sales and Telesales Solutions can help you to increase your business through sales consulting and coaching, marketing offline and online, telesales and telemarketing.

We prepare telemarketing scripts, marketing plans, business plans and assessments of how your sales and telesales staff are performing. Our sole purpose is to get you better results and increase your market share.


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Past clients
  • Sydney Princess Cruises
  • Daytimers
  • Vagabond Cruises
  • Telford Hotels
  • Centralian Holidays
  • Insight International
  • The Executive Meeting Centre
  • Jones Lang Wootton
  • Photography By Julie
What people are saying
“Jenny is a true professional in sales and is Australia’s foremost expert in telemarketing. We can recommend her telemarketing training programs without reservation to any organisation that needs to immediately improve the sales and telemarketing function in their business.”
Julie de Paola Photography by Julie
“Jenny was instrumental in helping us design an advert to recruit the telemareters, conduct the telemarketer interviews and select the final 5. She gave us advice on the equipment and database system to use and how to set it up. She then designed and conducted a one day training workshop customised to our business which proved immensely valuable to get our telemarketers making sales from the start. ”
Adam Parkinson – National Sales Manager – RTS Imageing
“Our three day telemarketing coaching and consulting with Jenny Cartwright during July last year proved to be a significant turning point in our photography business. Our business has increased 107 percent in turnover during the last twelve months.”
“Jenny’s ability to demystify the art and science of how to correctly conduct a telemarketing campaign gave us significant and immediate improvements to our sales programs. Instead of calling customers without tested scripts and definite objectives as we had been doing, Jenny immediately implemented proper telemarketing scripts and gave us concrete and logical step by step procedures that allowed us to improve our confidence in calling customer and so increase our calls to sales ratio by 67 percent. We have found her support materials such as DVDs and workbooks to be clear and very practical.”
“As well, with the new telemarketing tracking system that we introduced, we could immediately see on a day by day basis how our program was going. Jenny is very generous with her knowledge and kept giving us further feedback after the training. We really appreciated that she kept coaching us after the initial training to ensure that we stayed on track.”
“Jenny Cartwright was recommended to us as a consultant who could review our sales processes and telesales expertise. She very quickly identified a number of ways we were missing out on potential income and came up with a plan to turn this around. One small change she suggested we make on our invoices saved us waiting 3 months for payment and making hundreds of reminder calls.”
“One of the first things we did was to have Jenny run a customised training day with all our staff which resulted in a 55% increase in sales conversion the very next month. The staff’s ability to handle objections and sound more engaging on the phone has vastly improved.”
“If you are looking at ways to increase sales, we highly recommend Jenny’s services.”