Now that telephone sales skills are going to be even more important to sell, build and maintain relationships during Covid-19,  I am giving you the choice of 2 of my e-books for free for easy reading in the month of April. “Don’t Get Hung Up (How to sell products and services by phone)” or “How to Write a Telemarketing Script”. Please email me with your choice.

It’s no secret that  a whole lot of people attempt to prospect and build relationships on the phone. .

Unfortunately the vast majority give up because they don’t know what to say or how to say it.  They have no idea how to get through the gatekeeper and when they do, they get rejection which they cannot handle and they avoid the phone forevermore.

They then revert to email and ruin their chance of building a successful relationship.

Maybe you can relate.

But here’s the good news: Now you can tilt the odds in your favour, simply by using the techniques in these e-books I am giving away today.

Imagine if every salesperson in your company had access to “Don’t Get Hung Up” on their desk, how much more professional, confident  and successful they could be.
ORDER DON’T GET HUNG UP HERE  – if you would prefer to buy a hard copy.

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