On my recent holiday to Chile and Argentina I will never forget the incredible service we received from everyone at theIMG_1306_1_1 (1) Hotel in Portillo ski resort. On day 5 out of our 7 day stay, my husband got really sick. The hotel doctor assumed he had altitude sickness and gave him an injection to appease the raging headache and a pill for altitude sickness.  At 10.30 that night the hotel manager and the doctor came to see us in the dining room to ensure my husband’s headache had gone.  It had not gone, so they insisted we pack our bags immediately and get down to Santiago emergency hospital. They helped us pack in a hurry, organised a taxi free of charge to take us the 2.5 hour trip to Santiago, arranged the hospital and here was the shock – they gave us a refund for 2 nights accommodation and food in US$ cash.  I was amazed. I thought I would have to get that back from insurance.

It was the right decision to leave as the hospital discovered my husband was dangerously low on salt and put him on a drip for 2 days after which he was fine and we could resume our trip. This hotel really put our needs before their own gain. That kind of service never gets forgotten and people like me tell the world about it.


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