How To Close A Sale – Try these ideas

After you give your Sales presentation, it’s too soon to ask a closed question “Do you want to go ahead?” You can reassure the prospect with:-

“In the event you decide to give this a try, then I am confident you will thank me later“” or

“When you do a trial with us, I promise you won’t be disappointed

What most people do is ……….  e.g. order the middle option to start and then they increase the order when they need to.” (The prospect is reassured knowing what “most people” do.

Never ask what the prospect would like to do – you tell them ” What happens next ….” (as if there is no doubt they will proceed in ordering)

When The Prospect Deliberates

If the prospect is deliberating, you can clear any negative energy out of the conversation and move them forward by saying

The good news is you already know that what you are doing now is not working so there is no harm in giving us a try, is there?”

Before you make your mind up, let’s make sure you know exactly what is included …”.(list the value you included)

When The Prospect Says He Is Not Going Ahead

That’s okay,” or “Don’t worry” and continue with one of the following questions to keep the prospect talking to you.

Just one more thing, If I were able to e.g. make it easier for you to pay for this, would you change your mind?”

Just out of curiosity,what makes you say that? (Gets down to their real objection)

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