How To Double Your Sales In One Week

You have probably realised that telesales is a combination of a numbers game and a skills game. The more calls you make, the more sales and appointments you make. So this month, let’s look at how you could increase your activity, i.e. the number of calls you make so you get more success.

I am coaching someone this week who told me he makes 25 calls a day. My immediate train of thought went to wondering what on earth he was doing with his time if he could only make 25 calls a day. Now this guy was not selling anything but an appointment to meet with his director. He should be able to make 10 calls an hour minimum and if he called for 5 hours a day, that would be 50 calls per day. On average he was getting 1 call in 10 to agree to an appointment . That would mean he would get 5 appointments a day instead of 2. Here is where I found the time was being lost.

a) His boss had asked him to spend time reading The Financial Review every morning to find new leads, i.e. companies that were expanding or losing money. He had not specified how much time, so I suspect my coachee might have got interested in some of the articles instead of making calls!
At this stage of the telemarketing campaign, the coachee had plenty of leads to call in the database already so there was no real need for this activity at this stage. He would have got better results from continuously making calls.

b) The coachee was using the database SalesForce. Now for every call he made even if it was a non connection, i.e. the person was out, he was putting the notes into the database that the person was out and then he was rescheduling the call as a second activity. From making this call which was a non connection to filling in the database took all of 7 minutes. If this call was a non connection with no outcome, why spend 7 minutes wasting your time, logging in the result of the call. The only purpose would be for management to see that the coachee had actually made the call, but in reality, I am sure management would prefer to have known that 2 extra calls had been made in that 7 minute timeframe, one of which could have resulted in an appointment.

c) The coachee was particularly slow at filling in the details in the database as he was a one finger typist. He also hated doing the admin part of telemarketing and would actually prefer to be making the calls and earning the commission. When you do not like doing something you tend to do it slowly and more time is wasted.

What can you do to enable you to double the amount of calls you normally make?

1. Set aside 2 hour periods when you can do nothing but outbound calls. You may have to ask permission for no inbound calls to be passed to you during that time so you can focus on getting results from your outbound calls.

2. Do not let up for 2 hours. Just make calls. The admin can wait. Send the emails and prepare the quotes at the end of the 2 hour period. Record how many calls you make in that period and how many expressions of interest, appointments or sales you got.

3. Prepare the tel.nos. of whom you are going to call outside of productive work hours so none of that 2 hour period is spent researching companies to call.

4. Work out when your most productive time for outbound calling is by keeping a record of the time of day whenever you make the appointment or sale over a period of 2 weeks. Schedule your calling for that time in future.

5. Get focused, set goals and know how many sales and appointments you want every day.

Remember when you raise your activity level, your results increase.

If you are a Manager reading this newsletter, think about how you can reduce the administration tasks of your team. Ask yourself, “Do I really need them to do that?” Keep them calling and I promise you’ll see better results.

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