As the leader in telesales training in Australia I am constantly looking for more effective ways to do cold calling and telephone sales generally.  I was blown away by the information I learnt from a speaker called Sam Richter at the National Speakers Association  conference in San Diego which I attended a couple of weeks ago. I can’t wait to share this with you as it can relate so well to sales.

1. You know, if you have read any of my newsletters,  that  I advocate finding out something about the prospect before calling so you can make a cold call a warm call. Well, now it’s easy to find out about a company or a person by using google filters.
For example search in google for a company name like “Trend Micro”.  If you write it in inverted commas it will come up top and save you time going through all the irrelevant searches that come up.  Then click on “News” at the top, then click on “Search Tools” at the top for most recent news and all the latest articles written about the company or by the company will appear.  You can then start your call with “I just did a google search on your company and saw your latest article about _____.  That’s really interesting.  I’m curious, how did that affect you?”  or “What happened exactly?” Often the prospect has not even seen the article himself and will be asking you more about the content. You are then engaged in a conversation about them which is just what you want to build rapport.

If you are doing a face to face call you could bring the article with you and start your conversation with ” Before I meet people, I do my homework and guess what I found?
It’s an article written about your company by _____.  There’s got to be a great story there. Can you tell me what happened?”  Alternatively, you could say to your prospect, “I can imagine you are a super busy person and don’t have the time to see everything that people write about you online. I did a google search and thought you might be interested in this______”. 

2. After your sales call you could search on an article that might interest your prospect and send it to him with a thank you note for his time. For example you write your topic in inverted commas, then a plus sign for a subtopic and a +  filetype:pdf  (could also be filetype.doc)
E.g.  “sports sponsorship” + trends + 2014 + filetype:pdf

3.  Now you can find any senior person’s contact details you want in google by putting the title in inverted commas. For example “Vice President of Marketing at 3M “.

Have fun trying these techniques out

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