You would know that, as your existing customers drop off, it is important to keep filling the pipeline with potential customers (i.e. prospects). Cold calling is vital to practice in order to stay in business.
“Yes, but where do I find leads?” I hear you cry. “Lists you buy are never accurate and cost a fortune!”.
I have finally found the solution. We have invested in a very expensive piece of software which accurately finds, live off the web, any type of company you want in any town/state of Australia and the world. It gives you the name of the company, the telephone number, the email address, web address and street address. We can download this to an excel spreadsheet and you can then upload it into your database to do a telemarketing campaign, an email campaign or a postal campaign. We can even organise a postcard campaign for you. We can even give you the scripts for your campaigns of any type.
So if you wanted as few as 100 mortgage brokers in Perth or 2,000 transport companies in Victoria, we could do that for any industry. Not only that, imagine how powerful it would be (if you were a web developer) to be able to get all the companies in an area that did not have a website. The time you would save would be enormous. We can find that for you too.
The best part is, it is not going to cost you a fortune. We will create a list of 1,000 companies for you for 30 cents a name and an additional 30 cents for the email and web address. The set up fee will vary between $100 and $300 depending on the number you require. Not only that, we will refund any email or telephone numbers or mailing addresses in the unlikely event they are incorrect. Remember the information we are giving you is coming straight off the web current on the day you order it.
The only thing our new system does not do is give the name of a person in a company but that’s okay. We can give you the script to make sure you get that person’s name on the first call.
The most important factor in telemarketing is to have a really good list of people to call that you can build a relationship with them over time.They might not want what you have to sell right now but, if you keep in touch with them on a regular basis by phone, mail or email, they will call you first because you are front of mind.

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