A postcard from Stephen, a salesman at Mcgrath Real Estate arrived the week before Father’s Day with a competition to win a  $500 prize. “Write in 25 words or less why your Dad is the best”. I let my 2 sons know and asked them to do the competition.  My younger son did it straight away and after 4 days of reminders, my older son had not done it.  I asked him if there was a reason why he had not done it and he said, “Oh, it will just be an excuse for the real estate agent to keep ringing us or mailing us because they will want us to give our phone number and email.”   I pointed out that the reason for doing it would be to win a prize for Dad and that he could easily unsubscribe from any information that was sent by the real estate agent in the future.  He then sent his submission in but I feared it would have missed the deadline of 5pm Friday before Fathers Day.

As my older son predicted, sure enough, at 9.30 am on Saturday, the phone rang and it was Stephen from Mcgrath Real Estate.

  He had  a message for my older son and he politely asked if I could I pass it on.  The message was that he loved his submission but unfortunately he did not win because the application was too late.  There was no further selling.

Half an hour later, the phone rang again from Stephen for my younger son.  Tim answered it and was told that his submission had not won but he had won a second prize and  he, Stephen,would like to deliver it personally the next day. It was a bottle of Moet champagne for Dad.

Wow, what a great way for a real estate agent to get to know who is in his area. The whole family were present when Stephen arrived with the Moet. He was a very nice person and built rapport with us straight away.  While he was with us, he not only found out when we might be thinking of selling the house but he also gave us some tips on what to do to raise the value when we do.  It was a win/win all round and guess who we will be contacting when we want to sell?

What could you give away to a  prospective market so you get the chance to meet them either on the phone or face to face?

 To find out how to build rapport on the phone, check out my quick video tips on youtube How To Build Rapport or simply read the transcript there.

For more ideas, the last 2 year’s of telesales tips can be found on my blog

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