Don’t you hate it when you have something good to offer and no sooner have you opened your mouth and the prospect says, “I’m not interested”? Well of course they are not interested – they have not listened long enough to know the real value of what you are offering. In many cases it is a knee jerk reaction for them to say that as soon as they hear a telemarketing call regardless what is about.

Here is a great way to handle this objection in a friendly, calm tone.

“John, that’s a reasonable response at this early stage. As a matter of fact some of my best clients began their relationship with us using those exact same words. It wasn’t until I demonstrated to them the cost savings (replace with your major benefit) and the measured business outcomes (replace with your second major benefit) that they even became slightly interested. Would you be open to hearing a little bit more about this now or could I call you at a better time?

Another easy way to handle this objection would be the same as you would answer any objection i.e. with empathy and an open-ended question.

I see, “What makes you say that?”


“What specifically does not interest you about what I have just said?”


“John, I believe my product/service is really good and I am always looking to improve the way I communicate, what could I have said here instead, that would have grabbed your interest?”

If you still cannot engage them in a conversation with these questions, then be different, don’t send them an email, send them a hand-written thank you note with more information about your product so they can hold onto it. Remember, they may not be interested now, but they could be some time in the future.

It could read something like:-

“Thank you _____ (name) for taking my call today.” I really believe my product/service could (insert your major benefit) reduce your weekly running costs by at least $_____ (put in here an amount if you can) or the word “dramatically” if you can’t. I have attached some information you can keep on file should you want to refer to it again in the future.

From the person who will be here to help you when you are ready ____________ (your name, surname and tel. no.)”

That would really differentiate you from the average salesperson who just forgets the person who rejected them as a lost cause. In this situation, you could not get your story out on the phone but by following up with a thank you note, the prospect is bound to read what you are all about even if only out of curiosity and amazement that someone would do this.

Jenny Cartwright – International Sales Trainer / Speaker / Coach

Author of “Don’t Get Hung up! – How to sell products and services by phone” and “Secrets of Top Sales Professionals.”

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