I wonder how many times you have said “I want to think it over” to a salesperson? Probably the same number of times that I have. So what are you, the customer, really thinking when you say that? It’s probably one of these thoughts:-

1.”I need to find out more about this, you were not able to give me the information I was looking for so I am not going to buy from you.”

If you cannot talk knowledgeably about your product and answer his questions, you are bound to lose the sale. When you get the objection, ask the customer “What specifically do you need to know to help you make a decision on this?” If you don’t know the answer, offer to have your superior, who knows more, to call him back to keep him interested.

2.”I do need to discuss all this with my partner before making a decision”

This could be perfectly legitimate so honour it and make sure you make a time to ring back to get a decision. “I quite understand _____(name) it is a very important decision. Howabout I give you a couple of days to do this and give you a call back on ______ (in 2 days time). Is it better to reach you in the morning on this number or the afternoon?”

3.”All you have done is talk about your product or service. Because you have not asked me any questions, you don’t even know what my problem is and as a consequence, I don’t have a solution for my problem from what you have just told me. I am certainly not buying from you.”

The salesperson has lost all credibility because he did not clarify what the person was looking for before talking about the product. People want to know you are listening for their needs before you start selling. Find out about their situation by using open-ended questions beginning with “What, Why, Where, How, Which, Who and When”. That way you will find out all about them and be able to adapt your presentation to their needs.

5.”I have only just started looking and want to see what else is available before I make a decision.”

This can be legitimate too so why not offer to ring them back in a couple of days to see what they have found and whether you can match it? Don’t just let them go. You could also alert them to how much it is costing them to put off the decision for any length of time.

If it’s appropriate you could be direct and ask “May I ask what the real reason is that you don’t want to make a decision now?” or “Are you concerned that you won’t get a return on your investment?”

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