We always learn better when we have a bit of fun so I have put the principles of a good telesales/telemarketing call into a song. Please listen to it, tick if you like it and share it with someone else if you can.The more people practice these principles when they call, the less rejection they will get. Go to

Telemarketing Song Or simply search on Telemarketing Song at www.youtube.com

Here are the steps of a successful telesales call once you reach your decision maker.

1. Build rapport by mentioning something you know or have seen about the person or the person’s company.

2. Create an interest grabbing statement – one sentence with one major benefit to the customer.

3. Ask no more than 3 open-ended or direct questions

4. Demonstrate listening skills by repeating back what they said

5. Present your offer with a) benefits,b) a testimonial proving it is good c) create $ value in your proposal, d) create urgency to buy

6. Do a Trial Close before a real close

7. Handle the objections

8. Close

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