A follow-up call I had this morning made me realize the importance of knowing how to make your sales presentations much stronger to get a customer over the line.

The call was following me up after a seminar I attended to see if I would like to take things further with their company to be shown how to take my business to the next level. I was somewhat interested but came up with poor excuses as if I was not sure if I wanted to get any bigger and was not sure I wanted to make the high monthly investment that would be necessary to do this. (Those were just my fears really and not objections and I was secretly hoping I could be given enough reasons to be sold on the idea of taking things further with them). “Oh”, said the salesperson, “okay then, I won’t waste your time any further, goodbye.”

What an opportunity missed that was! He needed to have a compelling sales presentation ready to counteract my fears that would explain why it would be beneficial for me. Actually if the same person I spoke to at the seminar itself had followed me up and not given the job to a telemarketer who knew nothing about me, he would have known what my fears were already and could have worked out a way to counteract them before calling me!

Here is how he and you can create a compelling sales presentation to get your prospect over the line.

1. Understand what your prospect is really experiencing: the more questions you have asked of the prospect, the better you will know what his or her hot button is.

As a business owner, you have probably made some wrong decisions on your own over the years. It might have saved you time and money having a board of directors or a mentor to bounce things off. You might also have stopped yourself from expanding the sales force simply because you thought you could not afford it, is that correct?

2. Why are you the answer? Here is where you communicate your expertise and results you have achieved.

“We have been showing companies like yours how to grow and afford expansion for 8 years now. Companies you may have heard of like ______ have increased their turnover and profits by 70% simply by using our strategies. We guarantee a minimum of 35% increase in turnover which more than covers the investment you make with us.”

3. Why your product or service? How the benefits of your service fit the prospect’s product or service. Why is it the answer to their prayers?

“You mentioned you were thinking of employing a salesperson. Having your own personal mentor or board of directors means, they will help you to interview and choose the right person for your business. They will assess how much you can pay them. This is an important decision making process that requires a second or third opinion. In order to fund any new staff we can organize more investment of funds from outside shareholders for you which will ensure you can consistently pay them.”

4. Why this price? How and when you reveal your price is critical as to whether the prospect perceives it as outrageously overpriced or astonishingly good value. Build the value of your product or service first by quantifying the benefits, and then reveal the price.

“If your new salesperson were paid $80,000 a year, we would expect them to bring in 5 times their salary in business to you to be worthwhile. That is $480,000 of new business you are not currently getting. Our experienced advisors would help you choose that person to ensure the salesperson was of the right caliber to do this. You would not have to waste money training someone who very soon after recruiting them, you had to ask to leave because they were not performing. This could save you wasting several weeks of pay to that person. Your investment in our services is just $2,000 a month, $24,000 a year – a trivial amount compared to the growth of $$$ coming into your business isn’t it?”

5. Give a reason to ACT NOW!
One way is to make your offer scarce. You can only take on 10 more clients this year. It could be an introductory offer until a certain date, and then the price will go up.

Another way is to create fear in missing out. How much will it really cost the prospect if they procrastinate?

You could also add some bonuses to create more value (something the prospect perceives of value that does not cost you a lot. E.g., a small business growth dvd set.)

I encourage you to start getting more depth into your sales conversations by using these five ingredients of a good sales presentation. Then you will get more people over the line

Jenny Cartwright – International Sales Trainer / Speaker / Coach

Author of “Don’t Get Hung up! – How to sell products and services by phone” and “Secrets of Top Sales Professionals.”
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