Customers are motivated to buy for their reasons, not ours, and deep down, they buy a benefit you offer for one of two reasons; to avoid pain or gain pleasure.

To be an excellent salesperson then, it would be important for you to recognise whether a person is a “towards pleasure” person or an “away from pain” person so you can describe the benefits of your product in the appropriate way. 

For example, if you were promoting a stress management programme, the customer might be influenced to attend if you told him the programme was guaranteed to reduce stress (“away from pain”) or he might be motivated to attend if you told him he would improve his functionality (“towards pleasure”.)
It is therefore important to listen to the customer’s language when you are finding out his needs.  Does the customer talk in “away from” or “towards pleasure” language.

The First Step How To Motivate A Customer To Buy

The first step is to recognise how you talk to yourself and others. For example how do I motivate myself to exercise every day when time does not always allow this? I must be a “towards pleasure” person because I am motivated by the fact that I will feel much better afterwards and have more energy for my day. I have a friend,however, who only exercises because she wants to avoid getting fat and feeling guilty and negative about herself if she doesn’t, She is therefore an “away from pain” person.

Now you can continue to sell your products and services in your own style and win some customers over but know that you will lose some because they will tune out if they are not motivated to buy by your way of talking. The way round this is to present benefits in 3 ways to cover everyone – “away from pain” “towards pleasure” and those who fluctuate between the two. 
1. Reduce Diminish   Decrease   Eliminate
2. Maintain Keep        Retain       Continue
3. Increase Expand     Magnify     Improve
1. is “away from pain” language
2. is in “between pain and pleasure”
3. is “towards pleasure”.
For example “We can help you to reduce your costs, maintain your supplies and increase the efficiency of your current infrastructure.”
If you don’t have all 3 types of motivational words in your own sales presentation, I recommend you work on this now.
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