Let’s face it , we don’t want to be spending our time sending information out to people who are not really interested and 90% of people who say “Just send your information ” early in the sales conversation on the phone are in fact not really interested. Our job is to find the 10% who are. Remember if you are a good salesperson, you will be following up the person you sent information to so you want to make damn sure they are vaguely interested before you send them anything. Otherwise you are going to get heaps of rejection on the follow-up call and you will try to avoid that kind of call in the future. Here are some ways to respond to this objection to help you separate the real buyers from those prospects who will just end up wasting your time.:-

1. I’ll be happy to send you some information but first, I feel I must ask you a couple of questions to make sure this is suitable for you and I am not wasting your time. (Ask a couple of open-ended pain questions to make them feel they have a problem )

2. Certainly, I can send you some information. If it does fit what you are looking for, when do you think you would be ready to move forward on this?

3. Certainly, and after you review it , how soon could you make a decision on purchasing it if it is what you are looking for?

4. What particular aspect of the product has interested you so far so I know exactly the specific information I need to send you?

5. Certainly I can send some information.. How long will you need to review it do you think? (they usually say a couple of days) . How about I give you a call again on ….(3 days time) to answer any questions you may have.

The most important thing here is that you call the person back exactly when you say you are going to or your credibility is blown out of the window. They usually read your material promptly because they know you are going to call back.

I had a situation recently where a telemarketer called me a day after I had bought something on the internet from his company. He was calling me from New York, so imagine how impressed I was to receive a follow-up call from there. He wanted to know if I were happy with my purchase but I told him I had not had time to look at it yet. He suggested he call me the next day at 10 am so I agreed. That made me read all about my new product the same day because I knew the telemarketer was going to call me back. Hmmm, he did not call me back at 10am so imagine how unimpressed I was then! If a company does not follow through on a commitment then I would be very hesitant to purchase from that company again. As a salesperson, we are the image of our company so don’t let your company down.by not doing what you promise.

In conclusion, if you say you are going to send out some information, then do it. There is nothing better to damage your integrity and your company’s if you forget.

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