How To sell by phone – well you need great communication skills, persistence and focus.

Here are some of the common problems my sales coaching clients are experiencing.There has been a bit of a pattern lately.

“People are hard to reach because they are working from home”

“There is a trend that prospects with whom you make appointments on zoom or teams either don’t show up or find it easy to cancel”

“I can’t reach people on their mobiles anymore. They have them turned off.”

“Has the process for cold calling changed?”

“Do I email first and then call? What works best?”

You can get the answers to some of these burning questions on my latest podcast with Paul McCarthy from Marketers Club here or book a coaching call with Jenny on 61-414 543 289

There are 200 more tips in the  book “Don’t Get Hung Up – How To Sell Products and Services by phone”

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