You finally get through the gatekeeper to the big decision maker you need to speak to and then it goes to their voicemail. I reckon this happens to 65% of the calls I make nowadays, so I expect it is the same for you. In order to stay positive, we must use this opportunity and make it work for us. Here is where the importance of scripting your voicemail message is so vital . Then you’ll get the right message across.

I am always surprised when people say they never leave a message because the prospect will never ring them back. The opportunity is missed to warm the person’s interest up if you don’t. Also, if you leave the right message, you are creating awareness of your company name and what you do (it’s almost a free advert). Subconsciously the prospect will remember something about you when you call back , your name is already familiar (even if he can’t remember how straight away) and he is more likely to take your call when you do call back

Example of a good voicemail script

Hello (name of prospect)Â This is _______ your name and surname (to give you more authority) from ________ (name of company)

We can now offer you a credit card with an interest rate 5% lower than the one you currently have. ( a major benefit or interest grabber to the customer) I am sure you would like to hear more about that so I will give you a call back tomorrow.

(then you need a call to action just as you have on sales letter)

In the meantime, you could read all the details at www.(website address)Â My name again is _____from _____ and my number is _____orI’ll send you some information in the mail so please look out for it. Then I will give you a call in a couple of days to discuss this further. My name again is ____ and my number is ______More Tips for voicemail

1. Try to keep your voicemail message to 30 seconds – short and sweet

2. Remember to smile when you leave a message so you come across as a friendly, enthusiastic person to deal with.

3. Your objective on this voicemail is not to get them to call you back but to grab their attention

4. Leave your number and name again at the end of the message (for more advertising)

5. If you can, it is good to say when you are going to call them back e.g. tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon. However, only say that if you can be sure you are going to do that. If you don’t call when you say, you blow your credibility straight away.It works in your favour though if you do.

6. You know if you call out of hours, you will definitely get voicemail but you know that the right message might be as good as the live call if all you want is to let them know information is coming by mail. (Again it makes them watch out for it)

7. Sometimes they will call you back. Try not to sound surprised and if you can’t remember their name and what you called them about, simply say “Please remind me again what my message was”. You are only human after all when you forget!

Tips for your own home business voicemail1. You often make your voicemail message when you first get up in the morning. Your voice is not warmed up so you need to do some voice exercises to get the croak out of it. You can hum in the shower, do some yawning, talk to someone first before you record your message.2. Forget the “I’m sorry I am not available at the moment”. Use the message time for an advert about your business.e.g. “Hello, this is the office of Sales and Telesales Solutions. We can show you how to increase your sales by 30% immediately. Please leave your number after the tone and we will call you back as quickly as we can.3. Avoid mixing your family’s details with your business e.g. you can also leave a message for Sam and the kids, Jeremy and Blake (get a separate line for them!)4. To make yourself sound bigger than you are, you could get a person of the opposite gender to record your outgoing message. Make sure they say “we” and not “I”.Â

If you have a topic on sales or telesales with which you struggle, simply send an email to me at

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