When You Need To Write Good Email Sales Copy

Sadly many inexperienced salespeople are choosing to write cold emails rather than picking up a phone to connect with a prospect. They write long paragraphs about their product or service and send an attachment with the result that only the first 2 lines get read and the email is deleted. It is better to put a link in the body of the email if you want the attachment opened.  If the prospect were to read further than 2 lines, they might even find spelling and grammar mistakes which for sure loses them credibility. My advice is to go on a copywriting course so you can inspire people to buy with your powerful words, do a spell check and learn how to do a good layout so the email can be scanned through and read in full easily.

Recommended Email Sales Copy Layout

Subject – Your Solution To Resolve (XYZ problem the prospect might have)  Heading in capitals

Hi_________  (not Dear)

Sub Heading  – Reply required within a week to secure this offer  (i.e. the action you want them to take)

During our conversation yesterday you mentioned your challenge in finding _______ (or say something you noticed about them, e.g. I was looking at your website yesterday and noticed …… or I saw your advertisement for ………. or I understand you have a team of salespeople (something you know about them)

I believe I may have found a solution for you.  We can offer you a candidate with the following credentials or a product/service that will:-

(indent paragraph and  list benefits in bullet points; i.e. what your product or service will do for them.

Testimonial  or Guarantee that your product/service is good


Please reply urgently  if you wish to give this ……. i.e. create urgency  or I will give you a call on ………… to see if you have any further questions

What Result Will You Get From Writing Easy To Read Email Sales Copy?

When you write your email sales copy in good sales format using benefits, testimonials, solutions to problems, urgency and a call to action, you will triple your open and read rate. You can learn more about this at the Telesales Mastery Workshop

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