A great Lead generation tool is LinkedIn but so often when people want to connect with new prospects on LinkedIn, they send the standard request “I’d like to connect with you on linkedIn.”
Prospecting Emails must create curiosity and interest

The prospect has not got the faintest idea “why”, so I recommend you make it more personal and give a reason to create curiosity and interest with the prospect. Just writing the above requires the prospect to look up who you are and take time out from their busy day.  Make it easy for them and write an email like you write a script for a cold call.

1.  (Flatter the prospect with something you noticed about them)  e.g. “I read your article in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday and noticed you are moving to Melbourne soon.”

2.  (How you can help them personally) “We can offer you a reliable removal service between Sydney and Melbourne. (Get the word “you” in there)

What sets us apart is __________ (or)

What you get from us that no-one else offers is………

I would firstly suggest we connect on linkedin. Please feel free to accept and do let me know when and how I can best assist you when you are ready to move.”

It’s easy to find something out about prospects nowadays to accommodate Point 1

a) Look at a company’s website to see what you notice.  Look at their mission statements, job postings, press releases.b) Locate online files and white papers about them that are publicly available. Search on the web by writing the name of the company in inverted commas e.g.  “Avaya”filetype=pdf or “Avaya” filetype=docsc) Look at prospect’s blog  www.blogsearch.google.com

d) Find prospects interested in your product or service in twitter  #topic. Then look up their facebook and youtube information.

Email your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter contacts to take the relationship further – create a good reason to call them by phone.

a)”Hi ____ We are connected on ____I believe I can help you get better promotion online.
I’ll call you at 3pm on Wednesday 10 Sept.

b)”Hi ______ we are connected on _____ I would like to have a cup of coffee with you to discuss some ideas about ______ (make it interesting by adding a picture of a cup of coffee) . Howabout 3pm on Thursday 3rd Sept at ______?

 c) “Susan, I thought you might be interested in hearing about how another company like yours was able to get 1,000 new customers in a week. I will give you a call at 3pm on Thursday Sept 10.”
Please feel free to try some of these templates out using your own products and service in the content and tell me whether you start to make more meaningful connections.
N.B.  If you are stuck finding the telephone number of connections .
Copy and paste a linkedIn name and title in inverted commas into google, then an area code. You’ll get the phone number instantly.
Enter a direct phone number into google and you’ll get the email too.
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