Jenny Cartwright meets Sir Richard Branson

What an awesome human being I met in Sir Richard Branson when speaking at the same event as him in Melbourne last weekend.

First of all he is humble.  He does not brag about his achievements but tells you about them in a way that inspires you to play a bigger game too. He advises not to put limitations on yourselves when you come up with an idea of something you would like to do. He says the biggest challenge in life is you holding yourself back (the personal challenge).

Here are the 5 major  tips I took away from his talk we can all  benefit from when doing  sales:-

 1.  Records are made to be broken so aim for an extra sale each week. It can be done. Challenge yourself.

 2. Never dwell on your failures, move on to the next call. The more your fail, the more you learn. (That’s why cold calling takes courage – each time you are rejected, pick yourself up and move on. It’s an opportunity to try a different way next time)

3. If you are a  leader, really listen to your staff with no judgement.  Even the young 19 year old may have a good idea for increasing business. Reward them with praise and attention often.

4.  Look after your customers.  Find out what they are looking for and howspecifically you can best help them.  Ask them the question “What do you need in your business right now?”.  So let me know what you need right now and if I can’t help you, I am sure I can refer you to soemone who can.  that is what I do best.

5.  Constantly be on the cutting edge of knowing what is happening in your industry so you can jimp on opportunities that present themselves every day when you stay aware.

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