Cold Calling Is Dead?

Cold calling – “Is it really dead?” I am frequently asked this question, and my answer is a resounding “NO”. However, processes have changed and cold calling is simply practiced in a slightly different way than it used to be.

My trainings have always advocated techniques to make a cold call a warm call by starting with :

  • A referral
  • Something you know about them, e.g.  I understand you have ……. is that correct?
  • Commenting on an action they made that you saw
  • Noticing a comment they made on social media
  • Having a connection with them on linked in
  • Commenting on an article they wrote in Google News

There is so much information about companies now online, that there is no excuse not to find out something of interest about your prospect before you call.

What Is The Most Popular Way To Get Leads Nowadays?

Inbound leads are attracted from Pay Per Click advertising with lead pages offering a Free Gift on the website.  The customer has to give their details to get the offer. An Inside Sales Team is hired to follow-up both these subscribers and general enquiries made by email or through the website. However, unless the follow-up is done by phone within the first half hour of the subscriber registering, the results tend to be poor. Sales people need to be trained how to make follow-up calls effectively or they lose these targeted leads that the company has spent a fortune attracting with advertising.

The Follow-up call is the hardest type of call to make because it is on this one where the most rejection is received. With this methodology, the follow-up call is a warm call because the prospect has already expressed interest but as you have never spoken to the person before, you do need to know how to build a relationship and get into a conversation. These inbound enquiries are gold because you know the people are interested in what you have to offer. They must be followed-up.or you leave thousands of dollars on the table.

What Needs To Happen To Get Results?

  • Sales people must be made accountable to follow-up email and web enquiries within half an hour and  all quotes within 3 days
  • Statistics show 25% of follow-ups conducted with my methodology result in sales so sales people need to learn how to handle the fear of rejection and be comfortable about getting 75 “No’s” in 100 calls.
  • Never allow emails to be sent instead of phone calls.  Emails can be ignored, misinterpreted and deleted. Phone calls build relationships for the future.
  • Phone calls starting with “Did you get the information, the email or the quote?” never work because these questions do not build rapport.
  • Get yourself trained on how to do all types of phone calls by reading one of my books  or attending a telesales training workshop 
  • Only do cold calls when you have run out of follow-up calls.  Statistics show only 3% of people want what you are offering right now.  That does not mean they won’t be interested in the future.  They need to be followed-up on a regular basis and it may take a while before they are ready to purchase.

Follow-up calls are warm calls because you know the person has an interest. Make sure all your sales team are accountable for following-up monthly:

  • Existing customers to keep your name in front of them
  • Inactive customers to revive their interest
  • People you have sold to make sure they are happy.
  • Quotes you did a year ago to see if interest can be revived
  • All information and quotes sent out within 3 day


I recommend warm calling, not cold calling be your pathway to success in 2017

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