Making sales by phone requires skill. One of the main reasons some staff (particularly new staff)  fail at prospecting is that they do not sound confident .  Well, if you are new, understandably you may not feel confident so you might need to be trained in some simple techniques how to sound confident. You might have to fake it till you make it. This is so important as no-one is going to buy from someone who is not sounding confident in themselves or their product or service. Your job is to generate such confidence in your product or service and transfer your energy to the prospect on the other end of the phone.

When making sales by phone, here are 5 simple techniques to sound confident

  1. Stand up to do the call

    Making sales by phoneWhen you stand you have much more power in your voice and you sound like the boss rather than the new sales person. You can do a simple test by reading your script into the recording device of your smart phone while seated. Then stand up and read the script again into your recording device.  Play the calls back one after the other and just hear that difference between the first and the second call.

  1. Before you start your day think really positively about yourself

    Write down a list of your positive attributes. Choose 3 e.g. goal orientated, caring, inspirational and then create a “mantra” you can say to yourself before starting your day:

    “I am a _______, (1st attribute)________2nd attribute, and _______(3rd attribute) salesperson who loves the product I am promoting and I want to share its benefits to ____________ (no of people you want to speak to) today. My goal is to make _______ (number of calls) and make ______(number of sales or appointments) today.

  1. Write your goal down and post it on the wall in front of you

    Be really clear what you intend to achieve and you are much more likely to achieve it.

  1. Become Knowledgeable

    Take some information home with you every night to gain more knowledge about your product, service or company to give you more confidence about what to talk about.

  1. Think of a successful time you have had in your life

    before you start calling. Did you climb a mountain, did you win an award, did someone say “Thank you” to you? Close your eyes and think how you felt, what was your facial impression and what were you saying to yourself? As you think about the event, put yourself into this same bodily stance and feel good again.

I highly recommend you try these techniques and monitor the difference to your results making sales by phone. For more tips on How To Become A Telesales Superstar see the new Self Study Course – “Telesales Mastery – The Most Practical Telesales Course Ever Written”Telesales Course

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  1. Hello Jenny,

    That certainly would have done me some good when I started in sales many years ago!! Your sales tips are, as usual, timely, different, informative, helpful, practical and still helping my technique even though I am not in Tele sales!!!

    Patrick Gleeson

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