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Custom created mini workshops conducted Australia wide to suit your requirements

In a busy environment, sometimes it is not feasible to have your team in training for a whole day.
This is where regular 2 – 3 hour workshops are of immense value in training for sales and telesales staff.

They can be held outside or inside working hours and can be a minimum duration of 2 hours.

Mini telsales workshops
Course outline:
For experienced salespeople who have done the basics, want to take themselves to the next level and achieve more.

You get the essential techniques that have made Jenny Cartwright a sales professional from the” pro” herself.

Sample course topics:
  • Overcoming call reluctanceHow to engage people’s interest on the phone
  • Handling objections effectively
  • How to write a sales presentation or telemarketing script
  • How to build rapport quickly with customers
  • Preparation and planning of an effective telemarketing campaign
  • Relationship selling
  • Presentation skills
  • Time management in sales