Happy New Year! I hope you made some good New Year’s resolutions.

One of my major messages to people I train is “Never delete people off your database”. You see, you never know when people are going to be ready to buy from you in the future.  Their situations change and they are going to do business with the salesperson who keeps in touch with them, the salesperson who shows they care about them, the salesperson who demonstrates consistency so they know they can rely up them.

Let’s look at the idea of a telesales person selling new cars calling 10 people. Probably only one person is interested in looking for a new car right now and the other 9 are not.  However if this person were to call the same people in 6 months time, they might get another person interested out of the remaining 9. If they were to call again in 12 months time, yet another person might be interested. It is worth keeping all these people on the database then isn’t it?  That’s how telemarketing works. My favourite saying is “No” means “No, not now, not forever”.

When I was working in the seminar industry promoting Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins and Jim Rohn I worked in a team of 10. Everyone except me used to delete people off the database if they said “No, not interested” on the first call. I was aware that they might not want to see the speaker I was calling about but I realised that there would be other speakers to offer them in the future that might interest them.  I was in business for the long term so why delete people with whom you have already started to build rapport? You can put your initial “Nos” into a separate folder in your database to be brought out for the next time you have something to offer. 

Imagine my horror then with this situation. My New Year’s resolution was to lose weight this month.  Four years ago I had this idea and again 2 years ago so I seem to have a 2 year weight increase time frame! On both these occasions I found the weight loss programme from Isagenix really worked.  You drink a couple of protein shakes a day and have one normal meal. When you reach your goal weight, then you just buy the shakes and have one when you feel like it instead of a meal. After the last time I tried it, I bought a few shake tins at once to save me going back to the Isagenix office in Ryde all the time when I ran out. On New Year’s day I realised I only had a bit left so, desperate to maintain my resolution, I went to the Isagenix office to get some more.  Imagine my horror when they said they no longer had me in their database because I had not ordered for 180 days.  I was told I would have to rejoin, pay a new membership fee all over again and I could not purchase until I did that. I had been a customer for 4 years and still was in my mind. Whatever happened to customer service? No-one called me to ask why I had not ordered recently, no-one asked my permission to be taken off the database.

Personally I do not think this is a good way to do business. It is certainly a great way to lose business.

So (Unless you are specifically asked by the customer to remove them from the database), the moral of the story is:

KEEP EVERYONE YOU SPEAK TO ON YOUR DATABASE AND STAY IN TOUCH ON A REGULAR BASIS. They may not want to buy now, but they may in the future.

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