Don’t Get Hung Up! How To sell products and services by phone


In one book you will find The Telephone Selling Tips You Need To Increase Sales by 30-100% Immediately!
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How to Sell Products And Services By Phone And Get Any Appointments You Want!

In one book you will find The Telephone Selling Tips You Need To Increase Sales by 30-100% Immediately!

These skills are vital for all sales people, call centre staff, network marketers, mortgage brokers, advertising salespeople, insurance salespeople, recruitment and real estate salespeople, financial services, business owners, in fact , everyone who conducts business by phone.

Turn your phone into a money – making machine and discover :

  • How to effectively prospect for new customers by phone
  • The best ways to open a cold call and build rapport
  • How to follow up quotes and mail-outs and convert them into sales
  • The little known techniques to call your inactive and existing customers to win business
  • Easy ways to ask for referrals and appointments and much more



“I keep your book in my work bag constantly, it goes wherever I go and is on hand when I’m at work, in case I need a refresher on something.
In January, February and March of 2015 whilst working out of the Chatswood Lower North Shore office, I booked the most in home appointments for sales agents across 61 offices for McGrath Real Estate agents. This was the most booked in one month on a national scale at the time, with John McGrath calling our team to find out what we were doing differently.
I have since exceeded sales targets in retail showrooms such as Winning Appliances by following up my clients that have met with me in the store. My sales targets are in the 80% closing range and I believe it is because of your book and how much I have studied and memorized the pages and then being able to put them into my own words.
It has given me the confidence to find my voice and to explore the art of sales in a way that I have never known before.
I have had many comments on my phone manner from employers and have been congratulated as being the main producer of some great sales teams that I have had the pleasure of working in.
This is something I am very appreciative of and I wanted to let you know that it is because of books like yours, that people can find their voice and have the door of opportunity open for them.
I call your book my secret weapon because I get asked a lot ‘where did you learn to say stuff like that?’

Gavin Rudd, Real estate prospecting, home improvement and kitchen & bathroom specialist


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