Questions for sales must be strategic. Maybe you do not ask any because you fear you are being too nosy? Well let me reassure you that a customer would much rather be asked something about himself and have a salesperson take an interest in him than receive a salesperson who just talks about what he has to offer. It’s exactly the same in real life when talking to friends or strangers.

I have created my list of most used questions to use in the sales process and would love to share them with you.  Adapt each one to your own situation and have them up in front of you when talking to clients so you can keep the conversation going.

Situation Questions For Sales
(Ask for basic facts about the current situation to help you judge the sort of problems the customer is having)

  1. How are you managing to…?
  2. How are you dealing with…?
  3. What do you do when……?
  4. What happens when…?
  5. What success have you had doing….?

Problem Questions For Sales
(Ask about problems, difficulties or dissatisfaction with their current situation to find the customer’s pain)

  1. What is causing you the greatest challenge at the moment…?
  2. How concerned are you about…?
  3. What problems are you facing with…?
  4. What are the disadvantages you face by …….?
  5. How are you managing to keep up with…..?
  6. How much is it costing you to …..?
  7. How much time do you spend doing …?

Implication Questions For Sales
(How the problem is going to affect them)

  1. If (xyz happened) what would be the impact on you…?
  2. What does that lead to…?
  3. How would that affect you in the long term…?
  4. How would you be affected…?
  5. What will be the consequences if you don’t go ahead…?

Need-Payoff Questions For Sales
(These questions develop solutions)

  1. If we could assist you to ……How much more relaxed would you feel….?
  2. What positive effects would you experience if you could outsource this to us…?
  3. How might removing that worry be useful to you….?
  4. If we could solve these issues how much time and productivity could you gain…?
  5. How beneficial would it be to have someone else do this for you…?

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